The Spy and the Traitor. Ben Macintyre

I have just finished Ben Macintyre's history of Oleg Gordievsky, the KGB officer who spied for MI6 from 1973 to 85. There is an excellent review in the Spectator and another on Amazon (see below).

I recommend this book to anyone who remembers the period or has an interest in the cold war and the demise of Soviet communism.
Damn you Sir, another book to my growing pile.

I am heading for death by tsundoku, when they collapse on me. This is however a mandatory buy, his book on Philby is one of my favourites. Smashed over a bank holiday weekend fueled by strong Maatouk coffee.

Urban Dictionary: Tsundoku
Recently listened to an interview with the author of this book. Fascinating account and in the light of recent events I imagine the protection of Gordievsky has been stepped up. I suspect Gordievsky does not have much love for the CIA given how he was "betrayed" to the KGB.

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