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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. Was perusing the sports pages of the local fishwrap and got caught up in the latest professional sports league to hit the local area: "Lingerie Football" [ i.e. American style stuff, funny shaped ball, helmets and nubile young women in lace undies tackling each other ] and I wondered what passed for pleasurable leisure time viewing amongst the Arrse community.

    I am rather partial to women's curling.. The thought of the' skip' bent over, clutching a broom, butt in the air, screaming ' harder! harder!' while getting her rocks off..well...

    I suppose, from other threads here, women's tennis is a given.

    And, I note, that the British Women's Beach Volleyball Team has sold their arrses and will have a downloadable box/barcode 'displayed' on their bikini bottoms so that anyone snapping a photo with a data device/mobile phone w/apps can scan their butts and go online for something or other which will put money in their expense account to keep the team in scanty panties and chips. [ assuming, of course, that their butts will be the -er- focus or attention during the match and the 'view' most sports/news photographers will concentrate on.

    So, what are Arrsers's sports passions? Sychronized swimming? Women's horse jumping [oh, those boots and riding crops! ]....

    I suppose the illiterate among you will need pictorials/ visual aids...feel free to assist
  2. Snooker and Darts, that is all.
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  4. More than a few on here watch sport whilst wearing lingerie, I reckon...
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  5. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I fail to see a problem with that!
  6. Shouldn`t you be out looting, I mean Protesting, somewhere CC. I`m sure there must be a Anne Summers in Camberwell.
  7. I didn't say there was 'owt wrong with it. I just don't have Sky, and I'm jealous, that's all...

    Yeah but I'm banned. Oh, I see what you mean. Opportunity knocks...
  8. Snooker? Is there a Women's 'Professional' League?

    All that stroking of sticks and potting balls in holes..

    Fnarr fnarr

    Not too sure about darts, though.. giving women pointy, sharpy things is asking for trouble, don't you think?
  9. Personally, I am a fan of the All England Over 80's Nudist Leapfrog Team.
    The scoring system is a doddle. Minus 4 pts for a refusal, and minus 8 pts for a wrong'un, and plus 10 for a full house (all 8 members over without recourse to use of inhalers)
    With all those wrinkles you often see a wrong'un, but with Viagra now accepted, not so many refusals.
  10. DeadHorse.. I'm talking 'real ' sports, here.

    Roller Derby and Women's Professional Wrestling.. [ not the mud kind, mind... still, if there's nothing else on the TV on a Saturday afternoon.. ]
  11. Curling seems to be popular in London this week, or at least some sort of sport that involves throwing stones at houses.
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  12. HHH

    HHH LE

    [​IMG]Women Sailing by Rampant Gian
    Sailing Photo of the Day: Sailing with the Girls[/h]Sailing isn’t all rough weather and burly dudes. Sometimes it’s nice to kick back and enjoy a day out sailing with the girls. Who needs real work when you can work on your tan. Screw the economy – let’s go sailing!
    Now you know what they mean when they call us “sailing bums”.
    Although we like to keep or bikinis on, we hear there are some who do away with clothing all together while sailing and like to go boating completely naked. At least that’s the story at Yachtpals this week: Naked Boating
    What naughty yachties!
  13. I am offended sir. You certainly have to be a real sport to take part in Over 80s Nudist Leap Frog, I can tell you.
  14. I was rather taken with the Women's World Cup (it was on BBC2). Quite elegant, I thought, and made our manly Premiership role model heroes look like the fucking bellends that they mostly are.

    You are correct in your supposition. Unless you would prefer 1000 words?

    I give you: Hope Solo, Goalkeeper, USA


    Some more here:

    Soccer girls pictures | Olympic Girls

    Rachel Unitt in pink Mmmm Nom Nom Nom.....

    Defence Rests.

    *Must add that I thought the pitches could do with being a bit smaller; the poor dears were running out of puff too early. Oh, and they didn't show them all in the big bath after the game, which I thought was a bit disappointing...