The Spitfire on BNPs Advert...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Petriburg, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. The Poles being white, do the BNP have any hostility to them?
    The BNP have continued to use that particular Spitifire on posters for some time and if they had an ethical issue with the Poles then surely they would have corrected it?
  2. The month of March just phoned in and apparently it wants its outrage bus returned.
  3. No idea :D Everybody is indiginous to somewhere....
    As I said, my only point is that it was a mistake then they have had plenty of time to correct it. As they haven't then presumably it isn't an isssue for them?
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    British jobs for British workers! I'm presuming it's inconvenient for them to be reminded that many front-line participants in the Battle of Britain were actually asylum seekers? I think the BNP basically operate on a sliding scale, like most other racists: the more foreign-sounding and different-looking you are, the less welcome. Their membership policy, up until now, has been quite specific about who is and isn't welcome in the party, and they've set up criteria very similar to the SS 'Rasse und Siedlungs Hauptamt's' criteria for SS membership. These guys aren't fcuking around: their leadership core are a bunch of race fanatics.
  5. Someone from the BNP said (in a radio interview a couple of days ago) that they felt more akin to the Polish, than British asians.
  6. Thats why I'm puzzled to be honest.
    On the grounds they could easily have replaced the image with one not of a Polish aircraft I was pondering what message they are trying to send?
    Logic would say that the Polish Spifire would be the wrong image for them, they haven't changed it therefor they are presumably trying to say something with it, as with many things BNP I'm not entirely sure what that message is :)
  7. Spot on, Cpunk. With your man Griffin admitting that L/Cpl J. Beharry VC wouldn't be allowed to become a member of his fückin' rancid outfit.

  8. What about the paint on the Spitfire, was that made in Taiwan? What's your point?
  9. Their 2005 constitution says:

    Would a Pole be part of the “Anglo-Saxon-Indigenous European Folk Community”?
  10. I imagine they've carried on using the image because (1) they're too mean to pay for a stock picture from an agency, and (2) they're reluctant to lose face and money by swapping it now and reprinting their publicity material.
  11. T'was noticed months ago! :D
  12. Not according to Northumbria Police Force. Get stopped by them for not wearing a seatbelt and you can have lots of fun with the probationer re what is and isn't a racial group.
  13. When they started using the spitfire on their election material they run a story to say that they had chosen one flown by the Polish squadron to show they had no hostility to Europe, only hostility for the EU. Then a few days later the press broke the "exclusive" that they were using a Spitfire from the Polish squadron. Boo hiss gasp. :roll: