The Spice girls

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by whatnow?, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. :twisted:

    if you go to the link it asks which city you would like the spice girls to perform

    if enough people put in their request them they say they will go there

    Ive put baghdad in iraq i would really like them to go to iraq :twisted:

    bet the locals would love them

    Do your bit for the girls send them to iraq do the world a favour !!!!

    i did think Afghanistan but it wasnt an option sorry :twisted:
  2. On the SAMA forum we're trying to send them to Gitmo
  3. I clicked on Iraq and "where they boys are (ie British Forces).

    Sorry lads, I just thought it would be funny if this bunch turned up in Iraq!!!!!


    Go on one or two hours of hardship listening to this bunch wont harm you half as much as it affects these lot!!!

    Well, maybe some of them will enjoy it. Depends on teh character i supposee.
  4. I went to fill it in, but apparently i have to sign up to receive email updates from them, fcuked if i want that.
    Even though it would be nice to see them covered in petrol and set on fire or stoned to death i am not willing to receive emails about girl power being back and all the other sh1te these fcuking whorebags spout.
  5. anywhere BUT where i am.

    could settle for a private performance from emma though
  6. Is there an option for them to perform at the end of my bit?


    Shame, bang them all I would.
  7. I was thinking Fitzroy, myself. For a while I had my eye on Adak, Alaska (on the arse end of the Aleutian Island chain), population 316. But they have an airport.
  8. SS they can send all the emails they want to me.

    If I don't check my junk folder every five dasy i wont see half of it!!!
  9. When registering, don't forget to put your mate's email address down- and make sure you request updates.
  10. Didnt think of that. 8 of my mates have now voted for them to play in baghdad before i got tired of it and will of course receive the updates. :D
    Some more of them will be voting tomorrow i am glad to say. :twisted:
  11. Cant you just put in some random letters and numbers followed by Worked for me.
  12. Nah Crabtastics on the right track, screw a mate over in the process...double the fun!
  13. Top thread and a great idea Whatnow, just one thing botheres me though, how did you come across this website?!
  14. Ok, voted Baghdad and put my bosses addy and e mail in for updates :wink:
  15. Bagdad could be mistaken for a CSE show for the Yanks-

    I Vote for Tehran in Iran - I could just imagine them being stoned for wearing sluttish clothing.....