The Spetznaz!

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by HarryPalmer, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. Remember this?

    Best seller once, now free online.

    Oh the Spetznaz, all Olympic athletes, able to speak all languages fluently etc etc

    Did anyone really discover whether Viktor Suvorov was a disinformation merchant or not? The last chapter smelled a lot like those WW2 stories of German paratroops disguised as nuns.
  2. Thanks for the link, I never got the chance to read the book, I couldn't find it.
    I don't think that he was a disinformation merchant. He really was in Soviet intelligence and defected to the west. His books must have been approved by western intelligence, so I don't think they are disinformation, although not 100% accurate either.
    I've no problem believing the athletes story, since in the soviet union competition sports was a thing for the army or ministry of interior.
  3. I'd always been brought up to believe that Spetsnaz was a specific unit like Them but a Baltic type I met on one of those PFP jollies told me it was a training course, in the manner of AACC. Anybody know?
  4. Apparently they were regular units but largely made up of two year conscripts.

    Some armies (notably Argentinian pre-1982) weren't happy about having standing special operations units and were supposedly in the habit of disbanding and reforming them on a regular basis.
  5. Victor Suvorov was apt to make wild claims about the "Spetznaz athletes", for example he claimed that the Soviet sport parachute team that participated in a CISM competition in France in the mid-80s probably took the opportunity to recce the French missile silos on the Albion plain.

    A bit unlikely.... :roll:
  6. The Spetznaz raping an unwary sentry....

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  7. Each Sov Div Recce Bn had a Spetznaz unit. The boys of 57 Recce Bn/35 MRD used to practice packing their parachutes in barracks in Potsdam...

    How sad is it that I can still remember such crap!
  8. The soviet army had a number of special-purpose independent brigades. The navy too had a brigade per fleet, for diving, parachuting, etc. This naval brigade was independent from the naval infantry units. These brigades were the Spetsnaz. In addition, the armies, divisions and regiments had their own reconnaissance units of Spetsnaz wannabes. Moreover, the Ministry of the Interior had its own special purpose units, again Spetsnaz wannabes, and further, the KGB had its own special purpose units for terrorism and anti-terrorism. If you added up all these people in the 1980's, you would come up with a total that was above the total numbers of the British Army, according to Suvorov, and if I remember correctly.
  9. Spetznaz is a syllabic abbreviation from 'Voiska Spetsialnogo Naznachenia' very like Spec Ops.

  10. The Brits did the same during at least one LRRP exercise organized by the 13°RDP, the French army's LRRP unit, in the 70s. A team supposedly "lost comms" and it then mysteriously reappeared close to a French sensitive site a number of days latter. Rumours had it they had re-activated SOE rat lines for the occasion...