The speed of our population

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JonnoJonno, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. Is it me or has the majority of the UK population gone into slow motion since the recession kicked in?

    Entering Morrisons this afternoon, I was confronted by zombie-paced fucktards bimbling along the aisles at the same speed a vertigo sufferer approaches the white cliffs of Dover. At first I presumed the fat cunt pushing the trolley like a walking frame was the exception; but on passing the spastics queueing for their fags it appeared that everyone had caught this lethargy.

    I admit that when the third retard got in my way I had resorted to strong language and mild violence (pushing trolleys out of the way and shoulder barging my way to the untypically busy salad section).

    Quite how I managed to not windmill through the dross, ankle kicking the fatties out of my way, remains a mystery to me.

    Anyone else noticed that it isn't just the chronically obese now walking in slow motion, or am I entering the grumpy cunt stage in my life?
  2. Grumpy cunt. :wink:
  3. Thank god for that, i thought i was the only 1 who had to put up with this torment, but no actually the recession has nothing to do with it, they have been like this all the time..makes me want to kick off and start wind milling.

    :x :x :x
  4. Well if you will go shopping at Mllaaarrrisons.
  5. Life is to short to waste it away window shopping in Tescos, who the fcuk goes to the supermarket to browse :x
  6. And it's not just the UK population, the Frogs are just as bad if not worse.
  7. dot com

    it makes a change from the naafi sometimes :twisted:
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Why do they waddle down the isles, stop to look at something and leave there trolley in the middle of the isle. Fcuking spastics.
  9. My gf gets the right royal hump with me cause I hate all these f*ckers aswell. I end up pushing people out the way and laugh at the odd w*nker comment but why go anywhere to spend it walking round acting like a complete mong.
  10. I thought I was alone! jesus sh1tting H christ how much to these fcuking spastics wind you up? Everything from the soapy bird blocking off the shelf you need with her trolley and horde of screaming kids, to the cnut stunned by the fact they have to get their wallet out and pay for their purchases at the till, modern supermarkets are purpose designed to make it easier to find what you need and pay for it quickly, and yet people still stumble around like smack-addled morons!! GAAAAAAAAGHHH!!! I'm like a fcuking guided weapon in a supermarket, quickly bash round grabbing all bits needed, have exact money ready at the till, only pausing to lech up MILFs...
  11. Yes, why do they do that, B_AND_T? Then they leave their (or, according to you, "there") trolley in the middle of the aisle (or "isle"). Now why could that be, do you think? Maybe they're Somali refugees, maybe they're just ordinary folks from age 15 to age 115 who are used to, and entitled to expect, a certain amount of indulgence, understanding and forbearance from their fellow wo/men?

    Just a thought.

  12. It was the same yesterday at Waitrose. I'm sure that it's cruel keeping them alive.
  13. It's when women stop to chat in the aisles that really pushes me over the edge. Why they have to turn the trollies 90 degrees to the aisle to talk is beyond me. I think me and my trusty basket are the reason why so many women in my area have varicose veins on their legs and a nervous disposition.

    They should all be held in a cattle crush and released individually.
  14. Nah, b0ll0cks, they're fcuking life-theives, you'll never get back that minute you spend waiting for some worthless twunt to sort out a task that really takes only 10 seconds-and they're not my fellows, other then them also vaguely resembling the human race I have nothing in common with the average tw@t in the street...they're just theiving my limited life-span!
  15. Rubbish! They're inconsiderate idiots who abandon their trolleys / buggies / children in the middle of aisles, then wander off somewhere else. They're precisely the sort that the pre-zombie deadbeats were modelled on in Shaun of the Dead! :x