The Speech Obama Should Make on Iraq

Read this today. I have to say, if I heard something resembling this from Obama, that could be what it takes to get me off the fence. He needs a strategy, and this one would be consistent with his message, as well as constructive
He could never and will never give that speech because it admits the surge worked:
The surge has produced a considerable decline in violence in Iraq. General Petraeus has accomplished this by using more troops and fighting differently
That would undermine the Dems as they declared it couldn't work, it isn't working and it failed...mind you they said all that before the surge was even started.

I want Obama in the WH smoking menthols and eating fried chicken and sucking on his 'porch pickle'. The sooner the Dems fuck up the country and make everyone miserable the sooner we can get rid of the marxist cunts.

Obama is before his time the Dems have so far failed to take the guns from the average Joe :wink:

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