The Specials - Tonight Jools Holland

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Gracie, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. I've got tickets to see them at Brixton on May 11th. To be honest I'm a bit worried that they are going to be shite,and maybe I should just remember them how they were (ok,I was too young to of seen them live,but I do own a VHS copy of "Rock Gos To College" from Colchester Polytechnic 1979.)

    Mr Deputy, The Specials covered Skinhead Moonstomp plenty of times so it is a Specials song in a way. Although Symarip's original version is definatley the better song.
  2. moonstomp
  3. F ucking LOVE that clip! Just to see Terry Hall throwing his tamborine at the bouncers!
    He seemed to have a thing about bouncers ,there's another clip of him at another gig losing it and saying to the crowd in his unemotional deadpan voice "It's not worth it,these people have have the mentality of a house brick"
    Terry Hall at his depressingly finest!
  4. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Thanks to arrse I made a point of watching this programme last evening.

    The Specials were brilliant imho, all the more so because they followed the dire and dull Franz Ferdinand, making them look even duller than usual.

    Carole King's interview and performance were an added bonus.
  5. Nice to see the Spesh again and also as has been said wiping the floor with the oh so dire Franz Ferdinand, their songs seem to be a little bit like that other great artist of the day Pink, whose songs also all sound the same, buy em all. Funny that the two tone revival is coming back at the same sort of economic point it all went big last time, perhaps it's time people had a listen, Maybe a "Special" rendition of Ghost Town outside Number Ten? Not just Coventry in the shit this time tho......................
  6. Ahh Camden, great night, then chased by 20 skinheads down to the tube station. Not as good as Madness in Hannover, which was outstanding with support by the Lambrettas. Mods Mayday 1979 great time too.
  7. I still cherish a piece of paper signed by all of The Specials including Rico. I saw them Easter 1980 and got backstage. It was a great night. Funniest bit was seeing the lead singer from the then unknown support band sitting all alone in a corner being totally ignored - Robert Smith from The Cure. I was wearing a parka, pencil skirt and red stilettoes and had to get over a barrier to go backstage without losing my dignity!

    That same week I also saw Madness, The Selector and various other ska bands. Aah memories! I still wear Fred Perry and Ben Sherman with pride.
  8. terry was his old happy go lucky self again last night, but they played well enough.
  9. I watched it on i can fast forward through the rubbish to the bits I like...
  10. Saw it too. Very good.

    Terry Hall looked smacked off his tits though.
  11. Just seen it on catch up.
    Terry hall looked as bored as ever. Watch this space,I predict as soon as he picks up his wages after the tour finishes he's going to f uck off and never talk about The Specials EVER again.
    And by the sounds of it,Jerry Dammers is not too happy about them reforming. After all,he created the band and wrote the majority of the material.

    Who f ucking cares though,I'm still going to go banzai at Brixton on May 11th.