The Specials - 30th Anniverasary Tour

Saw The Specials last night in Sheffield. Abso fecking lutely awesome they were. Terry Hall was brilliant as was Neville Staple. If you've got a ticket for one of their venues you will NOT be disappointed! It was like being a teenager all over again. Was skanking all night long and suffering today because of it. Old bones!
Seeing them at Brixton in a couple of weeks and I can't wait. This'll be the first time I have seen them live - hope they are as good as you say. This is one band re-forming (with or without Jerry Dammers) that I don't have a problem with.
I'm seeing them at Brixton too. My cousin was at the Sheffield gig,he went early hoping to catch them doing the sound check and ended up meeting them outside smoking. He told me it was a fantastic gig and he hadn't seen so many Fred Perrys in one place at the same time in all his life.
I was too young to see them live the first time round,this is the gig I've been waiting for all my life!
saw them in brum t'other night. Blimmin brill. Bought my ticket off a, bloke who' s made hadn't turned up. Paid £5 over face value, which was a result as it had been sold out for aeons.

The sight of hundreds of fat, balding, Fred Perry wearing blokes chanting RUDE BOY was a sight to behold. Blokes with mortgages, kids, jobs, redundancies looming, sky high cholesterol, all forgotten for a brief 90 minutes, whiilst they (I) was transported back to the days when nothing mattered but easy skankin on the floor with your mates.

Terry and Neville looked in frighteningly good forml and sang like it really mattered.
Saw them at Brixton last night and it was amazing. They were all on form. Terry Halls throat didn't seem to bother him at all and the band were as tight as a drum. The sound quality was the best I have heard at The Academy. Stand-out song for me was Nite Klub - including a massive glitterball and some frenetic stompin'. I wish I was going again. RUDE BOY!
Saw them on Monday night at Brixton,I havn't seen so many Fred Perry Shirts in one place in all my life!
What a gig!,highlight for me was the encore,EVERYONE stomping to the Skinhead Symphony.

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