The "Special relationship", what's in it for the UK?

Discussion in 'US' started by StJohnguy, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. Not extracting the urine, but what does the UK get out of the so-called special relationship? The US gets an unquestioning ally, access to our sigint, nuclear early warning (count 4 minutes after Fylingdales gets it) etc, but what do WE get out of it?
  2. What special relationship?

    Its nothing more than a figment of politician's immagination.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    We get red balloons and some ice cream, and maybe a carer if we're lucky. For our end of the bargain, we have to lick some windows now and then.
  4. They say jump we say how high
  5. We get to use their cookhouses on tour, Ive stolen enough cans of fizzy drinks to make it more than worthwhile for the UK.
  6. Not a lot, just look at how few UK companies got nice contracts in Iraq after GW2! Now if you want to talk about Israel.......!
  7. What special relationship?
    If there ever were a special relationship they wouldn't have been late coming to our aid in both world wars. They wouldn't have crapped on us from a great height over Suez. They would have written off the lend-lease debt that bankrupted this country and led to the devaluation of the pound, etc, etc.
    Even now, the the 'special relationship' in place, why do we need a visa and an hours grilling in customs to travel to their 'wonderful country'?
  8. Weren't we given secret info from the USN for the building of HMS Dreadnought/First UK nuclear sub? Partly due to Mountbatten's excellent work too. We were also given the latest sidewinders for the harriers in the Falklands. There's also the F35 and other contracts for UK armaments. I think Rolls Royce provide something like 40% of USN carrier aviation engines. Then there's always Trident technology, the UK isn't really in a position to wave the big stick without US missile technology, this has been discussed in depth on other threads.

    One might question where we might be without the aid of the US, they might not be perfect but I'd sooner be an ally with them than China/Russia/Europe.

  9. Well, seems at the moment they think our soldiering skills in Afghanistan are pretty crap, so we're not in their good books!

    Gogo Wikileaks.
  10. Thanks for that DC, but I presume we paid the US for those, just as we have only just finished paying for Lend/lease, funny title that, when you borrow your neighbors' hose to put out a fire, you don't normally end up paying him for it , why didn't FDR call it what it was, buying it at exorbitant prices.
  11. From what I gather, a while ago quite a bit of money during WWII and also a nuclear deterant, and they're still holding us to this 'special relationship'

  12. "They" being every yank in the world?
  13. You also have to consider if we paid them back in real wages, that is to say the amount the money was really worth at a later date, or if we paid them back over the years on purpose to lower the cost- £400 in 1945 was worth a lot more then that it is today. In 1945 the country was devasted but we were a lot better off than most other places in Europe due to US investment and the Marshall Plan. This of course could have been 'dollar diplomacy'. If the US hadn't swamped us with post war investment then where else would Europe have turned to but communism?

  14. Sorry old chap, however, this is the result of fighting TWO wars and LOSING both. You might want to look at the American Revolution (not the Brit versions and yes, I've seen em) and the War of 1812. You Brits brought these wars on, along with India, Borneo, Malaysia, and I could go on. The only person(s) here to blame are you.
  15. Those cunning Ruskies have decided to fly nukes over the North Pole, bypassing the UK. Clever stuff, eh?