"The Speaker" BBC2 last, this & next week

Watched it from the beginning now and it seems as if the yoof of today seem to be a bit more confident in their own abilities,

That aside, would it be worth having a structered oratory type lesson in school to bring on little Johnnies/Janes public speaking and confidence? My children at school are taught to stand up and speak in front of class in 'Show and tell' sessions but it seems to be a bit scrappy and intermittant.

Even though I was a gobby little git (Now I'm a gobby big git!) I thought I could handle my own in front of a crowd and blagged it for years. It wasn't unitl I went on a Basic Instructional techniques (BIT) course that I realised I knew nowt.

Most ex-Mil ARRSEr's have done some type of instructional course, so you're more than well placed to offer an opinion.

Should they do more or expect the extrovert kids to speak up and the introvert just to stay stum?

Gobshite's rule the world, I say