The Spatula challenge (Hols4heroes)


Pretty awesome feat for a 14 year old lad.

I've had the priveledge of being in comms with this truly decent young man, he is cycling from Ben Nevis, to Scafel and onto Snowdon. Tabbing up each of them en route.


Because he wants to do his bit for charity and to make a difference to the recipients of what Holidays4heroes does.

Please read the site and chuck him a couple of quid.

I'm pretty sure more wil be posted nearer to the start date, one of the Slingsby bears will be accompanying him and it would be nice, for anyone on the path of the route to give him some morale support as he passes.

His two chosen recipients should be the lucky recievers of the split £10,000 target he has set himself.

The young lad is a site members son, therefore one of our own, lets give him some support and get behind him.
I'll keep me eye on the route and meet up with them either at Scafell or Snowdon and give them some encouragement and a few pennies. I'll probably do Snowdon so I can take the wife and Kiddie on the railway because there's no way I'm walking up that just now.
blue-sophist said:

Remember that young people are our future ... or something like that :wink:


I go away for a bit o a break, and this falls into the "Dead Thread" department. :roll:

EXCUSE ME PEOPLE .... this cause need a bit of extra support to recognise what these amazing young people are doing for Hols4Heroes and 'that other thing' :lol:

Send money asap, or I shall start being extremely boring again.

Fine days to go until William and Georgina set off guys!

Come on it was payday yesterday, you know that you want to chuck a couple of quid into the kitty.

Just £2 from everyone online today would make a huge difference.
Gremlin said:
Just to clarify, that's this Monday isn't it?
Doing the 3 Peaks Challenge?
And even a donation of £2 will make a difference?
Errrmm ... yes indeed, Gremlin.

Two great young people will be climbing Ben Nevis, then Scafell Pike, and finally Snowdon ... and cycle between each one ... to raise money for Holidays4heroes and Cancer Risk in the Young

What an AMAZING challenge for Will [14] and Georgina [16] to undertake!

And people can click and donate at THIS WEBSITE!
Simples :wink:
For anyone following the Spatula challenge, news in from Sunray a couple of hours ago, our teenage fundraisers peaked Ben Nevis, are now back down and about to embark on a cycle ride to Scafell in the lake district.

Outstanding achievement.
Good effort!

Utmost respect to these two.

Bump and donation made
Yesterday saw Will & Georgina complete 443 miles, of mountainous, and hilly roads, along with ascending Great Britains highest peaks.

Am absolutley proud as a bag of proud things of these two youngstters, a credit to themselves, their parents and their schools.

I've yet to add up the totals, but for Hols4heroes alone its over eight thousand big ones.

Breifly got chance to thank then over the phone yesterday, but you can be assured that will be done in person next week.

I won´t go into the difference this makes to us here, Í'll make a seperate thread over the next couple of weeks, with a more upto date sitrep.

Bumper, thankyou, humbled, grateful and restored faith in the youth of today.


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