The spare plinth, Trafalgar Square.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Highflight, May 3, 2008.

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  1. Now we have the real test of Boris, our new mayor. A campaign was launched several months ago, to get a statue of Sir Keith Park, former AOC 12 Group RAF, during the Battle of Britain. Presently, the 'spare' plinth is used for modern art displays. Ken Livingstone, did not, of course, support the errection of a statue to Keith Park on that spare plinth.

    Will Boris now support openly this worthy cause and turn the tide of 'liberal/left wing establishment, which is so ready to spend my money, a Londoner on their 'luvvie' art projects.

    This to me is the real test of Boris. On the success, or otherwise of his action over this will determine in my mind whether he is a genuine patriot or just another establishment job holder. If I hear weasel words coming from his mouth over this, then my mind will have been made up.
  2. Not decrying the worthiness of Sir Keith Park but FFS, Boris has just got in :D and may have one or two more serious decisions to make for the benefit of larnderners than what statue to place on a plinth 8O
  3. Boris, Keith Park alongside Old Nel ?
    Yep right on, Decision taken.
  4. Park (11 Gp) or Dowding yes, LM from 12, not so sure
  5. I actually quite liked the naked flid. It was strangely... arousing?
  6. Should take him about 5 seconds. Next problem please.
  7. The spare plinth is a little too large for a single figure (unless on a horse), perhaps a group of the leadership of Fighter Command - with Leigh-Mallory way at the back (doubtless late, delayed gathering his "Big Wing")

    As (until "Uncle Kenny's" bloody silly idea) Trafalgar Square was (supposedly) restricted to military leadership, perhaps we should also get rid of the anomaly that is the mounted statue of Georgie-Porgie, thus freeing up two plinths for use.

  8. Leave it empty.

    Next time someone wins a war/saves the country......
  9. Couldn't we nail Red Ken to a large cross and leave him up there to die?
  10. Put chav ASBO violators on it in a cage, where they can be pelted with fruit and dumped on by the pigeons
  11. OK then, Lady Thatcher for the 'last time' she saved this country.
  12. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    How about the last VC/GM/GC winner, when a new one is won, the statue changes
  13. Nail? Fluffy liberals, dearie me... :roll:

    What's wrong with welding him to the plinth?
  14. The laws of physics - I'm pretty sure that you can't weld Portland Stone. I've thought this through, you need to drill into the top of the plinth and concrete in a large oak cross. Then you nail the Trotskyite to the cross with rusty 6-inch nails. He will either die of blood loss, exposure, starvation or possibly blood-poisoning, hopefully after some considerable time.
  15. Something medieval involving Ken is very tempting...

    but Orwell would get my vote.

    (though I can't really see the problem with it being empty--sort of eccentric and British that way.)