The Space Shuttle ows its Sucsess to the width of 2 Asses

I was having my evening drink last night and as part of the conviviality I asked a Railway Engineer I know about the origin of Standard Guage, if it was Calculated or just happened.
He laughed and said it's an anoracks question and that Rail Enthusiasts write in depth articals about the subject. He then said that some folks said it goes back as far as the Romans.
Another friend who is 86 and learned to drive a Locomotive during his time in Burma in between fighting jap, Blowing up and repairing railways, grinned and said I'll look into it. The artical above was sent to me by him this morning. Like me he knows nothing about computers but he has the advantage of having had a Home computer for over 30 years, when Apple Mac wuz a pup and Microsoft unborn.

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