The Somme - TV programme/Film

I've just noticed this is on again tonight. (With that bloke who used to be in Corrie). My question is this - is it worth staying up until gone midnight to watch (As i have to get up at 05.30 to get in for PT at 06.30) or is it just made for TV pap ?

Anyone seen it and care to comment ?

More a docu-drama, than historical analysis. Last week focused more on the inadiquacies of the upper echelon, than the hardships faced by those on the ground. Aimed more at the civ pop as an ABC guide to the First World War.
Stay up and watch it.

Sleeping is for the weak!!!!

Grizz it out airborne!!!!!!!!
I would like to know where the army got those No.4 Rifles from in 1916. If they must have re-enactment at least try and get the facts right
Just finished watching it on video. Thought it was rather good, but picked up a few faults, with medal ribbons and wrong period rifles, but I`m a spotter for that sort of thing, sorry!!!

SMLE, just saw your last, glad to see I`m not alone!!!
Spotted the rifles as well.

Good graphics but very poor research.

Imagine a "Documentary" about David Beckham and they had him wearing 1960s football kit ???

So why is it OK for researchers of military programmes to get it so badly wrong?
I found the graphics very good as well, I particularly liked the way the artillery fire had been done, it brought it home just how close to the front these guys were. I always imagined them miles behind the lines!!!

David Beckham might as well wear a 1960`s strip ho,ho,ho.

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