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2404Motorman said:
Red Shrek. I have just re-visited this thread, to discover that you have misquoted my original post from page one, and it has been misquoted seven times subsequently throughout the the thread.

quote: 2404Motorman

I got as far as this:

'The blood in his eyes almost blinded him, but the Navy SEAL could hear, clattering above the trees in northeast Afghanistan, rescue helicopters.

Hey, he pleaded silently. I'm right here......'

Didn't need to be particularly perceptive to predict that this drivel would develop from a mawkish, sentimental opening into a navel-gazing catalogue of gung-ho tripe...quote

So, for some reason best known to yourself, you transposed tripe into trip

Red Shrek said:
Gung ho trip? go tell that to the guys who had to bury their friends after that mishap. Hearts and mind on a recon mission? Are you sure you even know what you are talking about? A recon mission went down south and men died trying to aid their fellow soldiers but all you guys can do is mock? If you want to mock the paper, that's fine but this? Am not surpirsed anyway, this is not the first time someone on here has made fun of dead US Servicemen. What a shame.

Which changes the whole meaning of my post. I was not referring to the actions of the soldiers, but the manner in which their actions had been reported.

Apart from some anecdotal stuff from the 60's and 70's I know know nothing about special forces, and have never been connected with them.

I resent the implication that I would disparage the actions of any allied soldier or mock their death.

My distaste was engendered by the mawkish sentimentalisation of the reportage. Those (undoubtedly brave) men are done a disservice, in my opinion, by the abysmally low standard of writing, and it's ludicrous romanticism of horrific death.

To re-iterate: my point is that the reportage was gung-ho and nauseating, and not the actions of the men themselves, about which I know nothing, and am not in a position to judge.

Sorry to have to tell you that this sort of bilge does not (in my opinion) pass muster with a British audience, and I question your taste and discernment in posting it in the first place.

I now trust that you will put the matter right


Don't sweat it 2404. It was mong spelling on my part and i apologise if i took your post out of context.