The Soldiers - New Album in the Pipeline

We've just had the following in by email, good luck to them I say especially as they support major military charities such as the ABF, RBL & H4H.

With more than a million sales in the UK, The Soldiers are back with their brilliant, new, self-titled album. Sergeant Major Gary Chilton, Colour Sergeant Richie Maddocks and Lance Corporal Ryan Idzi, remain serving soldiers who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gulf War.

The album, which they believe is their best to date, features sixteen new recordings which have been carefully selected for their lyrical content and poignancy to the armed Forces and their Families.
The album features special guests Charles Aznavour, who appears on ‘She’, as well as Genesis and Mike & The Mechanics legend, Mike Rutherford, on lead guitar on ‘The Living Years’, a song which celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

The album also includes a balance of ballads and uptempo classics including ‘Amazed’ (Lonestar), ‘Daniel’ (Elton John), their tribute to the late Robin Gibb, with his favourite Bee Gees song, ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ - which really shows off The Soldiers vocal harmonies - and the rarely heard ‘Mothers Pride’ (George Michael), whose lyrics still resonate strongly more than two decades after it was first recorded. There are also a few anthemic new songs.

The Soldiers continue to support their charities through album and tour sales and with 170,000 Facebook acquaintances, they are never far from the public’s awareness.

01. Healing Hands?
02. The Living Years (featuring Mike Rutherford)
03. She (with Charles Aznavour)
?04. Mothers Pride?
05. I Have A Dream?
06. Picture Of You
?07. It’s Saturday Night?
08. Amazed?
09. With The Ones I Love
?10. Home?
11. Daniel
12. How Deep Is Your Love?
13. Love Farewell?(with the Duke Of York Military School Choir)
14. Power Of Love?
15. Back For Good?
16. Songbird
Just letting you know. Their PR company dropped us that email and I thought it might be of interest.

Album release date is 29th Oct
More dreary cover versions from this shoddy trio. Il probably download it for free just to see how grim it is and then delete it. They should mix it up a bit with some beatbox stuff , scratchmixing and good old drum n bass with an mc shouting over the top of it.

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