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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Drone_pilot, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. A soldier returns to his wife and family for a spot of leave.

    The soldier indulges in a beer swilling session in his own home and becomes quite emotional.

    His wife being concerned asks him what the problem is, his reply; “I’m sick of this job; I have no mates, everyone calls me names, they spit on my back.

    When I walk into the NAAFI, everyone leaves. The CO just takes the piss and I have this everyday and all day.

    I have had enough; I’m not going back, F*** the lot of them” His wife tries to reassure her beloved. “But darling you have to go back, you’re the RSM”
  2. There are other threads for crap jokes mate!

  3. first heard that in 1984 .... come on lad keep up won't thee
  4. he clue was in his you're GRRRREAT on the piss,Drone, lifting all the chad jokes from FHM and 'entertaining' your mates down the pub! Not that I've ever done that you'll understand...........
  5. Christ.
  6. The word TUBE sprang to mind!
  7. It can only get better.
  8. Never has a user name been so apt!
  9. And the punch line is...............