The soldier who survived a bullet in the brain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Karl_uk, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. 'Bout time someone should round up the bankers and give them the same treatment.

    Good to see a great recovery though!
  2. shot in the head!!! fair play mate!! not many get through it and go on to claim !! a couple of brufen and movelat gel will cure that lol!!
  3. Some great reporting from the rag that brought us this. If they said it was raining I'd check.
  4. 52'ish, Fayid in the Canal Zone.
    Capt in RASC told by wifey in UK that she had ditched him for a female work colleague. He put a .38 S*W to his temple and pulled the trigger. Round passed through skull and 'corner' of brain before exiting on top of his head. Effect on him was as if he had had a minor stroke - limited paralysis on left side. He went home and was treated.
    Couple of years later he had a write up in the D/Mirror as an 'Army Hero Wounded In Egypt Denied Council Flat' Opinion amongst his unit was that his brain was so soft it just moved aside. After attending many post-mortem when the SLR was King, it was clear that it was the velocity of the round that did the damage and not the actual projectile. A SLR strike in the 'central mass of the body' aim point completely trashed the aorta and major internal organs just all came loose and dangly.
  5. On the 17th Jan 1976 Mark Ashford was murdered on a checkpoint in Londonderry in the same way ,I can't remember his regiment but his name has stayed with me, because on the 20th they tried to do it to me , and that I can never forget
  6. I attended the scene at both of those incidents (Gnr Ashford and Pte John); very hard to credit the fact that John lived after what was done to him. The vile creatures responsible remain in my very, very bad books.

    Interestingly, following the comment by ORC, sometimes the human body can handle some almost incredible punishment and come back to fight again; I later met a chap (some may know him as a 'supergrass') who had taken an SLR round through his abdomen just below his belly button, fired by a RGJ Sgt near Fort Monagh, with great justification. The cavitation/jellifying of his internals had taken place, but astonishingly he had virtually recovered completely, apart from the loss of a few feet of small intestine, ten years later. The RGJ Sgt (later RSM) was very hacked off about it all.
  7. I bet it made his eyes water
  8. Famously, the best pistol shot in my Corps tried this trick when he was a WO2; he missed his brain but left a large scar on the side of his nose and one at the back of his head.

    He was commissioned and made Major. If you were ever on the other side of his desk to talk to him you had to try to distract him from the game of 'wriggly spiders and worms' which he played on it, from 9 'til 5 daily.
  9. We had a 17 year old who had just joined battalion when we were deployed to the South Atlantic. he took a round to the head at Goose Green and when the medics took his helmet off, cerebal fluid run down his cheek. He did survive, but had no memory of any of his life. Had just got married and didn't recognise his wife. Back in the 'shot, he was taught to read and write again . Wonder where he is now? Never heard of him since I used to see him walking daily to the education block.
    Glad the guy in the original post was eventually helped out, obviously one who had fell through the crack for a while .