The Soldier, Short film

Probably couldve been in the military history forum, but here'll do I guess

Short film called 'The Soldier'
Found on youtube.
Award winning short film 'The Soldier' scooped 'Best film', 'Best Cinematography', Best Visual Effects' and 'Best Edit' at the 2 days later short film competition 2007. A cross between 'Saving Private Ryan' and '28 Days Later'. Set 13 days after the D-day landings, this film explores the horror of the Third Reich's disease testing experiments and the consequences. Made in 46 hours for a few hundred pounds this was director Shaun Robert Smith's second attempt at a pro short film. For more info visit (dir Shaun Robert Smith, editor Paul Russon, FX by Shaun Robert Smith, Dan Dolby, Claire Wheatley) We have a feature length script and we hope to start pre-production in the near future very graphic film. I wouldnt advise watching this around minors, possibly.

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