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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by eye_spy, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know if there is anywhere on t'interweb where I can download an MP3 version of the The Soldier.

    This is the song about the British Soldier who gave his life by laying on an IED in order to save all the civvies in the bus station, set in Northern Ireland.

    I used to have this on tape years and years ago, but since going digital, have lost it.

    Cheers for any advice and help.

  2. limewire.
  3. Cheers Doc,I'll give it a go
  4. who sang it?
  5. got mine off limewire. Artist is Harvey Andrews
  6. Harvey Andrews - I got my version off Limewire.
  7. Thanks
  8. Lots of vids plastered all over youtube also
  9. A much better version is by the Angelic Upstarts.

    The Harvey Andrews job is far too girly.
  10. coo are you old enough to remember them :?
  11. Sergeant Michael G. Willets, 27, 3 Para, On the evening of the 25th May 1971 a terrorist entered the reception hall of Springfield Road Police station in Belfast. He carried a suitcase from which a smoking fuse protruded, dumping the case on the floor he fled out-side, inside the room were a man a woman and two children and several police officers. One of the police officers raised the alarm then began organising
    an evacuation of the hall through the reception office. Sgt Willetts was on duty in the inner hall, on hearing the alarm he sent an NCO to the first floor to warn those above and hastened himself to the door towards which the police officer was thrusting those in the reception hall and office. He held the door open while all passed safely through and then stood in the doorway shielding those taking cover.
    In the next moment the bomb exploded with terrible force. Sgt Willetts was mortally wounded. His duty did not require him to enter the threatened area. All those people who were approaching the door from the far side agreed that if they had had to check to open the door, They would have perished. Sgt Willetts waited, placing his body as a screen to shelter them.
    By this act of bravery, he risked and lost his life for those of the adults and children.
    Sgt Michael Willetts was awarded the George Cross (Posthumous)

  12. Only just....... I was a bit of an Oi Oi boy at Junior School, with me spikey hair and hand me down shorts.
  13. F uck!I used to have that!(went through a wee bit of an OI! stage)Have you heard Ulster,by Sham 69?f ucking s hiteeeeeeeeeeee!!,its even got gunfire sounds at the end with ricochet pinging sounds that you used to make when playing Japs 'n comandos when you were a kid.....PIOWWWW!!
  14. pm sent