The Soap Chain-Game

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OldStripey, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. Fed up with daft Soap storylines? Make up your own. Maybe two lines of dialogue, anything you like (see rules :wink: ), and our "scripts" are restricted to actual Soaps, characters, and reasonable credibility :roll: .


    Characters must have appeared in a Soap
    You can bring any characters back
    All known and broadcasted telly Soaps are allowed and can interact
    Usual Arrse rules and usual PC cr*p

    Bored with Deirdrie nagging again, Ken escaped on the morning train to London, Walford. Meanwhile, Norris found Emily in bed with Rita....
  2. And Phil mitchell popped in for a pint, to Bet's great delight. Annie popped round to Emily's for a chat....
  3. Ena Sharples went catatonic when she heard about Emily and Rita.

    Hayley, (the "Street's" pre-op Jan Hamilton) luckily enough, was a "first attender"...
  4. Albert Tatlock!!! Wracked my brain trying to think of that flat capped curmudgeon's name!!! Aaaarrrghhh!!!

    I digress..

    Meanwhile Roy decided to take the blonde half wit** roughly over the counter as she butter the morning rolls.

    ** Dunno her name I rarely watch Corrie to be honest. But I'd do her!! I'd stick closer to her than a coat of paint.
  5. Hayley was arrested for tonguing the unconscious Ena, while Albert died a slow and pleasurable death...Phil resisted Bet's charms, saying he thought he was in love with a man
  6. Ken, on the train (remember?) was put off the train for boring the arse off passengers, he is a rather lonely figure on the platform. Annie arrived at Emily's and soon realised she needed her camera, not had this chance for ages, she thinks.
  7. Percy may have been a moaning old git (not in a sex-shual way ye ken) but he made sure the fish n chips had plenty of squaddie batter prior to El Alamein.

    Meanwhile the 3 "Diagonal Ducks" fled from Hilda sugden's wall in disgust at the antics they could hear through the Street's "Prisoner from Cell Block H" itv walls.
  8. :D :D :D

    Hilda nudged Stan and said there was someone banging at the door. Stan says it's next door and someone's screaming. Hilda decides to pick up a frying pan, and tiptoes downstairs to the street, just as Phil Mitchell is coming past....
  9. Les Dennis (an understudy) had to step in when Mavis fainted behind the counter in the Papershop.

    Rita just couldn't help but brag.

    Norris meanwhile slunk off to the loo...
  10. Emily walked round with a silly grin that morning, and Norris watched her thru the Shop windows, tugging away. Ken however, had ran out of cash and was trudging up to Walford hoping for charity.
  11. Sparky2339 was lifted by the Bill, which in anybody's book, is cruelty to Ducks!!

    Arfur Mullard will now step in for Sparky2339 while he sleeps off the trauma of this thread - thankfully numbed by the application of Smirnoff.

    Sparky2339 doesn't know that Hilda Baker (with Jimmy Jewel filming) is waiting for him in his bedroom.

    Nearest and Dearest is taking it a bit far tbh...
  12. Ken reached the Mini Mart at Walford but was shocked to see Hilda baker serving. After a row with the Producer, Hilda left, saying "it's shite anyway".
    Ken asked for a glass of water , to which Patrick replied.....
  13. "Ken, you're a big girl's blouse"
  14. Distraught at Patrick's words, Ken phoned Deirdre, who was at the Vet's, getting wormed again. Patrick called Yolande to "come out and see the great big nancy in the Shop today." Phil walked into a large heavy frying pan, for some reason....

    (you sometimes have to read from the start) :lol: :wink:
  15. Alf Garnett was heading to "Roy's Rolls" where Haley was sneakily trying on Roy's "Y fronts" on top of her pedal pushers..