The Snappening

Well its happened again, now instead of Celebs its everyone else's turn, someone has hacked the data from Snapchat, using 3rd party software data.

So if any of your kids or indeed yourselves have been promiscuous and sent pics/vids on Snapchat, watch out, as on Sunday a whopping 13Gb of data is said to be released via torrents and the other sites ie. 4Chan, reddit.

Time to delete the app from your phones ?


Book Reviewer
ahhh, so that's what the fuss was about earlier.
No fear of any of this round here....

Snap porn sounds too tech for most who gather here..
So let me get this straight...

Use a program to take picture on your phone's camera.
Upload it to a server
Where it is deleted after 10 seconds.

What the hell is the point? Why the mass appeal? I sometimes feel that I'm on a different planet to the sane logical world in which I go about my daily life.

Oh and usual comments about: Stupid fools, what do you expect? I remember once someone saying "Don't say over a telephone or do anything on the net you're not comfortable with being said or done in a crowded room."