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The snails pants

This isn't just any old auction, oh no. This isn't for a piece of ww2 history, or something useful like a can of fuel, no, this is even better than that. We have here a pair of the snails pants, yes she is down to 11 pairs now, looks like June's pair will have to do two months.

size 10 - 12 with the legend 'He shoots, he scores' on them.

can be supplied either worn or un-worn, winner to specify preference.
you are STRONGLY advised to go for the 'unworn' option to prevent being followed home by every cat in the neighbourhood who suspects you of smuggling 3 month out of date kippers in your cagoule pocket!!!
The_Rattler said:
have you got any army issue shredies femail type
Green WRAC knickers.

You have to pay a lot of money for them and I have got the skirt to go with it.

How many pennies for the Begging Bowl would you give for that?
As you may or not have noticed, I am having a clear out of my house/kit I haven't signed for/stuff I don't need.

FG - a tenner? I had you down for at least £25.

MDN what will £25 buy?

BTW, all proceeds are going to the hamster fund. Less for sensible stuff.

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