The snails pants

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by theoriginalphantom, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. This isn't just any old auction, oh no. This isn't for a piece of ww2 history, or something useful like a can of fuel, no, this is even better than that. We have here a pair of the snails pants, yes she is down to 11 pairs now, looks like June's pair will have to do two months.


    size 10 - 12 with the legend 'He shoots, he scores' on them.

    can be supplied either worn or un-worn, winner to specify preference.
  2. you are STRONGLY advised to go for the 'unworn' option to prevent being followed home by every cat in the neighbourhood who suspects you of smuggling 3 month out of date kippers in your cagoule pocket!!!
  3. I like that Jacket as well.
  4. I hope you've done a full risk assessment on these?

    The H&S aspects would be similar to Sellafield dumping their shite over NW England.
  5. next auction is for an S10 and haversack
  6. Oy stop selling the diffies, the pants are for sale.
  7. from my extra kit, not yours
  8. Are wheel spins included? If so £5 :oops:
  9. have you got any army issue shredies femail type
  10. Can you get syphilis twice? If not, £6.
  11. they can be arranged at no extra cost.
  12. I'll chuck in a 07 one if required.
  13. In that case £10

  14. Green WRAC knickers.

    You have to pay a lot of money for them and I have got the skirt to go with it.

    How many pennies for the Begging Bowl would you give for that?
  15. Please confirm that they do not arrive complete with a picture of Dale wearing them as I'm not overly fond of spiders legs?