The Smurfs in airstrike shocker

Can't get the link to work, which is a pity as I hate those little blue f*ckers.
I think UNICEF have naivley created an all-time cult classic.....

BBC: please, please, please create a Teletubbies version.....
All those years, hoping and praying through the seventies and eighties...thank you UNICEF, thank you! I hope Papa Smurf got his own share of air-delivered ordnance too...
They may well laugh...

at this very moment members of the Smurf Surveillance And Reconnaissance Regiment are hard on the trail of the perpetrators of this attrocity.

They will be found hooded and plasticuffed outside a certain address in Den Haag before the week is out.

Next .. target, the Wallace and Gromitt holoucast war-criminals!!!
Git some, you little f*ckers! I was disappointed however, not to see a a few sticks of 'palm coming down to finish things off... :D
Al Smurfidin the little known islamic smurf group has sworn revenge for the death of it's brothers and sisters.

Thier spokesman claims that their group shall not rest till every smurf killing infidel has reaped the reward they have sown against smurfdom.

Allah Ackbah!!!!


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