The Smith Memorial - Pledges

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by GDav, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. As we have decided to press ahead with the restoration of the Smith Memorial as described in "The Contribuntion of the Paddy" I am now asking for people to pledge support and dosh.

    HHQ QRH have been asked to open an account which they will administer. They will also contribute - sum unknown at this point in time

    The 4th Queen's Own Hussars fund is still in existence but are asking for the number of names in support of restoration or replacement of the memorial.

    If we can supply a list of names from 4H, 8H, QRIH and QRH then the 4th Hussars fund will be more likely to up the ante.

    At this point in time the estimate for renewing the memorial stands at £1,500 but if the Dean of Trinity College agrees, a new memorial can be provided by the people who do the headstones for the CWGC. That will reduce the sum required.

    As the job of convenor seems to have fallen to me - despite much wriggling to get out of it, I will start by pledging my wholehearted support and £100.

    If anyone who is not from 4H or the successor regiments you would be doing us a favour by writing to HHQ QRH. Address available at

    £1,400 to go.
  2. Good news. HHQ have agreed to act as treasurers. Details of the project have again been handed over and the RegSec is costing the replacement for the memorial.

    Further news as it happens.
  3. Gentlemen we're really moving at last on the Smith Memorial Project.
    The regimental secretary of the QRH OCA has agreed to act as
    treasurer and the trustees of the OCA have made a donation.
    An item has been posted on the QRH bulletin board at and several
    pledges have already been made.

    Now is the time to show support please.

    If anyone wishes to donate, no matter how small the amount,
    please send a cheque made payable to the QRH Association to:

    The Regimental Secretary
    Home Headquarters
    The Queen's Royal Hussars
    (The Queen's Own and Royal Irish)
    Regent's Park Barracks
    NW1 4AL

    There is one other thing we need at this juncture. A reputable monumental stonemason who can give us a better quote,
    delivered to Trinity College, Dublin.