The Slug Has Been Broken!

i have just recieved a phone call from the slug, papa and rugrat and have been told to imform you all that.....

papa broke the slug and he would like it known that she swallows!

Tell all I'm being subjected to powerpoint at work and I need a break
Your devotion is honourable BBC, so the Slug is broken then? end of an era I say, Slugster get in touch...
Did he do her fritter?
Beanz said:
..... he would like it known that she swallows!

Good to see she's well enough to eat again - if we form a queue we can still save her from anorexia :D
Has anyone told cutaway??

it might bring out the sexual molester and serial deviant in him....... Oh no, that already happened :D
Anyone reading this would think the Slug was a virgin before this momentous occassion.

Is this true?
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