Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Track_Link, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Seven Point Six Two Millimetres. Targets fall when hit - and they don't get up again.

    Happy Days...
  2. Oh please - wooden stocks were for Div Gimps and Provost Staff.

    'Down Two Clicks'
  3. Never used the SA80, but felt perfectly at home with an SLR. There were two varieties of wooden stock, the original triangular section and an oval. Having small mitts I found the triangular type easier to grip.
  4. It was strangely satisfying to shoot well with it.

    All the range qualified bods were saying that it was impossible to do this and that.

    I have a plaque in my kitchen which says they were wrong. And a pretty photo too.

    It was the weapon given to us.

    303 fan? dream on...762 fan? so what...556 fan? so what too.

    Who cares? Its only a type of bullet, and as we all know, guys/chaps don't get killed by bullets, and they don't kill many baddies with their own ones either.

    What really matters is that as many of them come home safe as is humanly possible.
  5. Arse, i remember the first time i shot the SA80, usual drills aim/close eyes/brace for recoil and pop. It was a joy, easy to carry, compact and you didn't have to jam a match in for full auto. Frikkin SLR was like carrying a musket with recoil to match, i have no fond memories of that beast!
  6. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I wonder at the comments about recoil. I never found it a problem at all. Whether it was because I have fine, strong, broad and incredibly handsome shoulders, or that I was taught to hold it correctly, I couldn't say. As for full auto. If I wanted to miss a target, that's what the SMG was for. Single, well-aimed shots were the order of the day. But then, we carried a decent LMG and a GPMG at section level then.
    Wood triangular stocks were my personal favourite too, amd I loved that steel-tipped but. So useful for IS work.
  7. Butt-stroke with an SLR - result happiness!
  8. That is because you are a sizeable ladies chemise. The SLR was one of the best weapons i've ever handled. It could be used for hitting, scooping, assisting people over walls and when you shot someone with it, they stayed down. The SA80 is f*cking shit. Why do you think we had to send it to H & K to look at & fix. A mate of mine has just purchased a decomissioned SLR and i lick my chops in anticipation of a fondle.
  9. Still remember my SLR's buttnumber - 97 - .. oooh how it was a strange feelinling at first until you began sleeping with it on exercise.. now Im just a plain gun lovin' weirdo ! 8O
  10. Remember doing a foot patrol in west belfast one dreary friday afternoon. The locals became restless and it was all on the brink of kicking off when the brick commander cocked his SLR. The reasuring sound of the working part flying forward and the solid clunk of a round being chambered...
    Peace restored, job done.
  11. I liked the SLR as well, but I could never achieve the same accuracy as I had with the .303
  12. It's like Dad's Fukkin army round here, next it will be 'oh i remember the mk3 musket, great for picking off charging mau mau'. It was a heavy unweildy beast, the SA80 is now the gat it should have been on first release! And as for playing with decomissioned SLR's, i remember when you got out mate you sad sad kiddy fiddler!
  13. Ah yes the most reassuring sound in the world! also the belfast cradle just doesnt seem right with an SA80. I spent my time in with the SLR. I have fired quite extensively on the SA80 and the word "pop" used earlier is right...
    A friggin pop gun! I would rather carry a SLR around with me even though its the weight of a cannon. I knew that what I aimed at was going to be a different shape after I fired at it.
  14. The SLR was a nice Gat, tried tested and worked, the SA80 was okish, but if given a choice (SLR) was peace of mind but if you wanted a personal weapon of choice the HK53 would be a compromise between both weapons
  15. Was SNCO at Clooney circa 86. Redcaps in so called armoured motor cars, could I persuade the troops to give up the SLR for a more parctical SMG? No way. Try and imagine 2 large monkeys in the back seat of a Ford whatever with an SLR each trying to de-bus in a tight situation. I gave mine up for a pistol and SMG. I remember it being a bitch to get and out of a Gazelle with an SLR and managed to take out both doors at once when I hit one side, pulled the SLR back from the shattered window and took out the one on the other side. Non happy Teeny Weeny Airways aircrew!!