The slowest 1.5 Mile times in the World....Ever!

We've done the "I'm a Human Greyhound" thread, but not one for us to laugh at all the fatties who just can't shift!

Slowest I ever saw was 18 minutes at basic selection/ADSC/RSC/ whatever its called this week, we'd all finished, warmed down and were about to have a shower when he got in. Also witnessed a bloke who was chuffed to bollocks because he got in in under 15 minutes!

Any more for any more?
20 minutes

1st Dismiss friends offer of drive home


1 step forward

3 wobbles back

1 side step

1 lurch forward

continue until reaching home

finding out you left your house keys at the bar = priceless

That's what 10 pints does for me anyway. pees me off no end. :x

memo to self:

when pished accept offer of drive home.

p.s It's 2.1 miles - I've worked it out on the drive TO the pub.
21:30 - Fat bloke on recruit selection.
"Ran" it in a jumper with steel toed boots on.

Got kicked out (and in the paper) for fighting in the streets a couple of weekends later.

We called him Shrek.
Why the hell was he running it in steel toed boots!

Ive also seen a huge fat bird who wanted to be a chef run it in 19 minutes. The camel toe was bloody awful.
When I joined up over here I hadn't done any running at all for about five years but I had a nostalgic idea that I would be able to do it in roughly the same timeframe as I used to back when I wore DPM. Unfortunately though, I was sadly mistaken and ended up taking a shade over 14 minutes for the 2500 metres. Highly embarrassing.
The old 22 Sigs in Germany BFT was 3 times round camp.

Scouse mate who could not run only managed to pass the fist time he ever ran it.

We had all done our 3 as he was finishing his first, The PTI though he was on his 3rd as well.

Best thing was this was in the days of "If hes a slow runner- get on remedial training and the PTIs to beast him" -twice a day?"

Even better was Scouse was a ex county Gymnast and karate junior so could do push- ups, dips, heaves all day and all the nasty things the PTIs told him to do. Still never passed a BFT though.
There was a guy in my unit known, quite unaffectionately, as the "Flying Pig"; not the most soldier-like of soldiers, even for the RAOC.

I was on a BFT with him once; late on a Friday afternoon, which was quite sporting of the PTIs, I thought. Put in a fast PBT, knock off for the weekend and scoot off home; too late to go back to work at that time on a Friday.

So I did just that, did the BFT, ran back to the block, got showered, changed, packed my bag for the weekend and set off in the car, just as he came lumbering in on the final stretch.

I'd hazard a guess he didn't pass that one either.

Was PTI at "Summer Challenge" a couple of years ago, standing at the finish line reading out the times as they came over the line, fat bloke ploughs over the finish (A slow plough) and I read 17:45 (or roundabouts) in a disaproving voice complete with much head shaking.

Imagine my suprise when he triumpantly raises his arms with fists clenched in celebratory fashions and shouts "Yes!" at the top of his voice.
Have seen a few DNF (Did Not Finish) in my time in fact saw a bloke who got one last week for Inf selection - Funny that he wasn't selected.
I got a 29:25 as my worst ever. Trying out brand new trainers and was so sore after the first half mile I had to do the rest bare-foot and walking backwards. :oops:
Not quite a BFT time, but, after I'd left the Army, I went on an annual 10Km "Fun Run" organised by the UN. As everyone else from my group was either off in the hills or on leave at the time, I was given strict instructions to win it as "We win this every year; it's kind of traditional".

To be perfectly honest, the competition wasn't really up to much, and winning the thing was a foregone conclusion; hardly a challenge, and not really in keeping with 'fun' part of what was really an excuse for an "all-arms" pish-up afterwards. Still, being keen on traditions, I thought I'd start a new one, and finish last.

That wasn't easy. I was up against Nepalese and Filipino guards who could, and would, run slower than I could walk. I had to keep dropping stuff just to go back for it, or stop to "admire the view". Bloody close run (well .... ambled) thing in the end.

Blue_On_You said:
21:30 - Fat bloke on recruit selection.
"Ran" it in a jumper with steel toed boots on.

Got kicked out (and in the paper) for fighting in the streets a couple of weekends later.

We called him Shrek.
Was that the wierd ginger one up at Darlo TAC?
We ran a MOD 2 course back in the winter, we had a few people from Oxford UOTC who were taking the course with us, they came in at around 23 minutes!!
I failed one once in NI when it was 10.30 to pass. To be fair I'd been in XMG for a week with hardly any sleep and hadn't eaten at all that day. I was so shagged at the end I thought I'd just ran a marathon, I was shocked to find I'd failed. :oops: I ran it again a week later and did 9.01
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