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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Nutter, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. yep its another rant but i want your opinions

    im transferring to the RAMC from the inf having done a few years bloody enjoyed it i wanted to gain some experience of a different branch.

    im not trying to biff it. i was on good terms with my old unit. back at the beginning of september/end of august i put in for a transfer. they were happy with my reasons and had a word with my old plt cmd had a word with my new plt cmd to train with the medic unit from then on.

    i waited for the paperwork for me to sign to come through from my old coy hq which finally came through 4 weeks ago i signed it. it then took 2 weeks for it to get sent back of to the coy hq. still heard nothing.

    my new unit wont pay me as im still part of my old unit. my old unit is really unhelpful and understandably never gives me a chance to sign the pay sheet as im training with a new unit. since it put in for transfer my total pay has been £9 should have been over £300 (i do alot of training).

    my question is as it looks as if my papers will never go through and i can never actually do anything properly with my new unit until they do.
    Would it be quicker for me to quit with my old inf place as im still with them take all my kit in and then rejoin with my new unit even although it will mean doing the RTC and phase two again.

    your advice is welcome

    /rant over
    sorry for boring you all with that

    even worse i have just been told i proberbly cant do the rememberance parade as im not in their regiment yet.
  2. Sounds like your old unit is playing silly buggers.

    I've had to transfer a number of times (uni, back home etc,SDR). Normal form is that you start training at your new unit and they send off individual paysheets to your old unit.

    It didn't happen last time I transferred though, they decided to play silly buggers as a punishment
  3. thanks if only my new unit would let me sign individual pay and my old one wont pay for weekends its this bad and ironicly we share the same barracks i just want to get my kit from the next room.

    there is no one to complain to left though. my old plt cmd seems to have left and jesus can someone tell me what to do please