The Sloping Wire has come out the closet

This is terrible news, will the CO's ban the poor chap/chappess for his/her affliction.

Poor bloke/bird.............anychance of a BJ :wink:
I must say it sounds entirely plausible. I received this on the first night i joined ARRSE:

the_sloping_wire said:
Hi there Big Boy,
Welcome to ARRSE. Here you'll find all kinds of fun and pleasure. If you want, we can even meet up and spend a crazy time together. I am very gentle but I can really 'turn it on'!

Don't mind the homophobic types like Flash and that bloody policeman - they're just repressed botty shaggers as well. I know.

So baby - PM me with your 'measurements' and we'll take it from there.

Ooooooh yeah! :D

Slopey Wopey
Naturally, I have kept this grave intelligence hidden until now. I need counselling.
I do appologise for appearing to be a mong of the highest order. That top bloke Flash has helped me out by removing the 30 other posts I put up. I will now go and remove my genitalia with a warm house brick.

I wonder if this sort of post comes under what the Artillery class as "internal politics and back stabbing"?? :roll:
I also have seen the evidence. Monkey - hold your hands up too.
I concur, she's as thick as custard. I have an idea she was wishing the hands to be placed somewhere gynacological.
Right you lot - NOISE DOWN!

The Equal Opportunities Commission said:
Dear Mr S Wire,
We have recently heard that you are attracting a great deal of harrassment for 'coming out of the closet'. May we pass our most sincere congratulations on your lifestyle choice.

As a serving member of HM Forces, you will already be aware that you stand a far improved chance of promotion if you belong to a fringe group. Clearly, now that you are a raving bender, your promotion to Brigadier is virtually assured.

May we suggest that you change your gender and skin colour? We are offering very good odds on your being promoted to Lt General if you declare yourself as a black lesbian (preferably a single parent - we can arrange adoption on very good terms).

All the best with your new life - MC and Flash are loving being homos, apparently.



PS BBC will most definitely never be a Mod - she's straight, for a start.

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