The Sloping Wire has come out the closet

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TheLordFlasheart, Jun 8, 2004.

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  1. Apparently, Slopes makes Julian clary look like a Big macho construction worker.

  2. Aye tis very true
  3. You'd know MC?
  4. So i've heard!!
  5. This is terrible news, will the CO's ban the poor chap/chappess for his/her affliction.

    Poor bloke/bird.............anychance of a BJ :wink:
  6. I must say it sounds entirely plausible. I received this on the first night i joined ARRSE:

    Naturally, I have kept this grave intelligence hidden until now. I need counselling.
  7. I do appologise for appearing to be a mong of the highest order. That top bloke Flash has helped me out by removing the 30 other posts I put up. I will now go and remove my genitalia with a warm house brick.

  8. I wonder if this sort of post comes under what the Artillery class as "internal politics and back stabbing"?? :roll:
  9. I heard he was trying to get boys to go into the closet with him........ :roll:
  10. Into the closet, wardrobe, garden shed jjust about anywhere really
  11. I also have seen the evidence. Monkey - hold your hands up too.
  12. Dale, Ive already said i know he is!
  13. Manchestercop.

    I think she is 'fingering' you as someone involved - closely - with Sloppy's less socially acceptable habits.
  14. Nah shes not that clever :D
  15. I concur, she's as thick as custard. I have an idea she was wishing the hands to be placed somewhere gynacological.