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Right - what shall Slopes be the mod of?

We all know how sensible he is.

Ladies and gents, place your bets. We all know which one he REALLY wants.... :wink:
Slopes should be a Moderator. He washes fairly often, and can be relied upon to post the occasional useful post.

But he is SO dull! :D
Lippy said:
I am with you 100%. Please accept my heartfelt apologies for constantly flirting with you, even though you are clearly way out of my league. I will never attempt to start any sort of nonsense on ARRSE again.
Lippy xx
No probs Lippy - don't be sorry - be careful!
The_Sloping_Wire said:
Lippy said:
What I meant to say was I don't think you should pm me any more because its getting to the stage of stalking and I will have to let BCO know what your doing, it wont go down too well if your planning to be a mod (or a rocker) Lippy xx
Ok I wont do it anymore, please dont tell BCO he's bigger and more handsome than me and I am small in comparison, so sorry, yours, TSW


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I don't think T_S_W could be the Mod of the OTC- I believe he is still on the police register since the little incident involving the baby lotion and the wine bottle...
CC do tell. You know me and where you can get me for the gossip on TSW. So is this some sort of little TSW fan thread. Bahhhh

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