The Slave King

The Slave King


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'The Slave King' is the tenth instalment in Peter Darman's 'Parthian Chronicles' series. The series follows the fortunes of the Roman-era middle eastern warrior King Pacorus, from his time as a young man taking part in the slave rebellion in Italy alongside Spartacus through a long successful life, leading his country and his army.

Peter Darman started life as a Defence Intelligence analyst before moving across into the publishing world twenty five years ago. His analyst's eye for detail...

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Fantasy - slavery didn't exist until the British Empire.
Fantasy - slavery didn't exist until the British Empire
And of course the three centuries of the white slave trade under the Barbary Pirates that came before the black slave trade.

But then Caucasians appear to be born without the inbuilt Douglas Fir that is inherited as a shoulder tag on some of the Melanin rich races.

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