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Who is your best football slap head?

  • Zinedine Zidane

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  • Thomas Gravesen

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The Slap Head Challenge - Are bald football players the best in the world? (13/01/2008) javascript:emoticon('post', 'message', ':D')
Very Happy

Gaz & Pete are both living testament that baldies are generally better looking than men with hair. We also know that baldies are better lovers than men with hair, you see baldies have no ego to brush out of their eyes. Just straight good looks. As Gaz & Pete are folically challenged we have decided to run a baldy challenge.

We would now like to set our first challenge to our readers. We want to prove that bald footballers are the best in the world. Over the 8 weeks we are going to research the greatest bald players to grace the planet. We will look at some of the greatest players i.e Sir Bobby Charlton, who had to give up fishing as the sun kept reflecting off his head and scaring off the fish. Thomas Graveson nearly had trouble as his team mates kept calling him slap head, in time he will accept that he is a chosen one and will embrace his look for what it is – he is infact very lucky. He will also save a fortune on haircuts!! Is it also true that Everton have worked out that baldies are best as they have a few baldies in their set up and they seem to one of the best side in the premier league this season. .

We also want you to help us. We want you to e mail your best bald football players to us at . We will at the end of the challenge then present the best baldies eleven. The best eleven baldies to perform for us whilst playing the beautiful game.

The rules are simple we need proof that the player is receding, not a baldy cheat i.e. David Beckham, he shaved his head as he knows baldies are the best lovers. He also proves that our proclamation is true. When he grew his hair when living in Spain and playing for Real Madrid his form absolutely dropped. He then shaved his hair and he won the title the following season!! As much as he aspires to be a baldy he only cheats at it currently – time will tell. You can find out more about the baldy wanta be at the following links. .javascript:emoticon('post', 'message', ':cry:')
Crying or Very sad

During the next weeks we would like to find out who you would like to have a profile on? We will give you a few players – all we need from you is an e mail telling us who you would like to hear from.javascript:emoticon('post', 'message', ':?:')

Style and hair professional Sonia Vohra explains why baldies are hitting the headlines like never before. "Bald is in, big time, and not just with footballers. Worldwide we have more baldies due to lives being more stressful.” I personally do not think it is down to stress I just think women find it god damn sexy!!

Tell us what you think and who you would like to see on the first profile? Would you like to hear about Zinedine Zidane or Thomas Gravesen?

E Mail us your baldy stories and requests to . We will publish your suitable baldy stories. javascript:emoticon('post', 'message', ':wink:')


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