the skinny guys/girls lol

i was just wondering, being skinny myself, how often do you see skinny recruits pass/fail at the ADSC.
And when i say skinny i mean 'skinny' not slim.
I got drain pipe arms mate, its my build i will always be slim/skinny, I passed, infact i got the most heaves out of 35 of us, Ive outwrestled and tapped out big 15 stone muscle men when grappling (ofcourse i get a good shoeing myself :p) but its strength not muscle mass they are looking for, crack on with the press ups.

i see what you mean. same here i've got a very small build, and drain pipe like arms if you like ;) lol, but yep it is about strength.
i cant say i have out wrestled 15 stone guys tho haha, but good for you mate. how many heaves did you do?
Shouldn't be a problem if you are just skinny (small framed), but if you are underweight for your height etc you will struggle.

ZXR-BIRD said:
Shouldn't be a problem if you are just skinny (small framed), but if you are underweight for your height etc you will struggle.

but im tall and small framed lol
Well, check out whether or not you are underweight for your height and take it from there. I was underweight when I went through the joining process - went away and put on a few pounds - jobs a good-un.

As ive said in other threads, i hope at selection (if i do go) that they will see that yes i am slightly over weight, and my BMI is a little too high, but that i can also do what they require of me in the set time.
Put down the brown ale and get running then :p
I allready did put the brown ale down, and i am running. The weight is slowly but surely coming off, and im seriously improved on my fitness compared to what i was before i first walked into the recruitment office.

I always get worried that i havnt lost anything great, till i take a big dump and then all is good with the world.
Don't worry about BMI to much geordie, when I passed I was also overweight, they simply measure your waist size. I think if it was below 94cm they let your crack on with the strength tests and the 1.5 mile run and then check your scores to see if they are passes. So if you can do the 1.5 mile fast enough you should be ok.All the best mate.
I was told by my recruiting officer I'm underweight plain and simple, so I've just been working mainly on upperbody strength. Things like running and doing press-ups/heaves/sit-ups etc are easy I find personally when you don't weigh much. It's things like the jerry cans and the other weight tests which bother me.

I've been doing alot more exercise since around the turn of the year and I still have a rubbish physique lol, I just hope if anything when I go to ADSC they'll be like "What's this skinny fookers game" then I can surprise them or something.
Don't worry about the jerry can walk in terms of the weight of the things, 20 kgs isn't particularly heavy. Though saying that it might be a bit tougher for a skinnier chap to pull off.
I carry around buckets fairly often at work, which when full each weigh about 20kg and I have no problem getting a grip on em, lifting, and carrying. So really just concentrate on the grip mate.

As my CA was saying to me today, at this stage you're training more for the set physical tests that you'll have to do. So instead of training to run 5 miles very well, you want to train your body to run 1.5 miles well, and so on and so forth. Then once you've completed selection and are waiting to start basic, then you start doing more longer endurance stuff.
I was 9.5 Stone when I joined and 5' 11'' tall. Don't worry about being thin, you'll put on weight slowly. Jerry can walk isn't much, you'll soon be carrying more than that!


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If you are over 6' then the whole BMI becomes a bit of a crock. I'm 6' 2" and pretty built with it. This week my BMI dropped to 24.8, the first time I have been "under weight" since I was 16. What did I need to do this? 2 weeks no phys with a chest infection and not eating properly, and then a week and a half battering the cardio cause I was weazing like a set of bagpipes.
More seriously, typing 'lol' is more likely to get your skinny form snapped in two and set about with a garden rake.

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