The Skinback Fusiliers by Unknown Soldier

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by francis_kane, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. I read this book on my computer, you can download it FREE from the openDemocracy website The Skinback Fusiliers by Unknown Soldier, Episode One | openDemocracy or if you've got a Kindle you can get it for 85p, and it's coming out in print soon. I honestly don't know what to say about it except if the MOD ever get hold of it, the author's got to be in trouble. It calls itself a novel, but it's about three lads who start at Catterick and get headlong in the s**t. One's white, one's black, one's Asian and they're all from northern england. The villains of the piece are mainlyh the Scousers, but the Scots come in for a lot of stick as well - drunken, coke-taking nutters.

    oh, yeah, and then there's the officers and the padre, a toatal gang of *******, first class. There's an argument on the website about if Unknown Soldier was ever really in, but Joe Glenton seems to think so (for what that's worth!), and other ex-squaddies have backed him too. It's pretty amazing stuff, and at least it's not going to cost you anythihg. Give it a go, and tell me what you think.
  2. Read the first paragraph then binned it.
  3. Ditto. Utter dross.
  4. Two lines for me.
  5. I was giving it the benefit of doubt.
  6. Words fail me.

    I wish they'd failed Unknown Soldier too.
  7. So, not one for the Book Review club then? ;-)
  8. I thought this was a book club, not a rightwing pressure group. I've read the lot now, not just two lines, and a mate gave it to his mother to read, the mad bastard. The language made her eyes water, but she said she was afraid it was to near the bloody truth for comfort. Two of her uncles were killed in the last war, and she said they were fighting for something worth fighting for. Now swe've done our dying, the governments sharpening up the scrapheap axe. It's even the Murdoch's bloody Scum.
  9. sorry, it's even IN the Murdoch's bloody Scum. That doesn't mean it isn't true in this case. Three wars on, and the services, all three of them, are getting SHAFTED
  10. Corp? F*cking Corp? Never served a day in its life. Nuff said!
  11. Just tried to read some made my eyes bleed.

    I'll agree with the never served assumption, it reads as if it's how the author thinks the army behaves, or should behave, living up to all the racist, heavy drinking and fighting hyperbole that was vogue mid 80's- 90's.
  12. I agree with those who say this book is garbage. What I find insulting is that the author uses the moniker 'unknown soldier' yet has now admitted he has never served. The book is pretty dreadful towards soldiers, portraying them as drug taking, racist bullies led by lazy bigots. Amongst other things it contains:
    1. An officer giving a talk on race relations in which he calls blacks ‘golly wogs’.
    2. Corporals called ‘Corp’ wtf?
    3. The soldiers so far, have engaged in ‘Paki bashing, theft, general bullying and now in Chapter three have started on the ‘pikeys’.
    4. A description of a soldier having excrement rubbed on his cheeks during basic training.

    I know we’ve nearly all said this is utter dross but there is a serious point to all of this. Liberals at the left leaning site Open democracy actually believe this tripe. They actually believe that this is an insider’s account of Army life, all this whilst our people are dying in Helmand. If anyone thinks that this collection of slanderous insults represents army life can they say so here? Or say so over on Open democracy where I’m debating with the author.
    I’m having a debate with the individual who penned this nonsense here. Unknown Soldier on the making of The Skinback Fusiliers | openDemocracy Please feel free to join in and take a side but do not leave abusive comments. The only other commentator so far is a Falklands vet who seems to support Unknown Soldier although he does not actually comment on the book itself that Unknown Soldier has produced.
  13. If you click on the link of the guy that pertains to be a Falklands Vet it takes you to his FB page where he supports saving RAF Leuchars, nothing on it to prove he served down South in 82.
  14. Fair one JD, but I won't call him out for it unless it becomes really clear he was not 'down south'.
  15. I don't know what you mean Joker. I think I eschewed obfuscation and captured the work's significance perfectly. :)

    In any case, at least I used words which is more than can be said for whoever reviewed the erudite tome entitled 'Rules of Thumb for Chess' (Alburt & Lawrence) which was wordless and simply featured the cover printed thus: