The Skill At Arms (M) 07 Qual

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by REMESpanker84, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. A few years ago I went and did the SA(m)07 course. And due to my postings have never had to use it. until now. Problem is I cant remember what I am allowed to do with it. I assume pyro variations like Smoke Grenades, Trip Flares, but what about Blank Exercises? We had to give battle lessons so I would assume that it is a yes. Any one able to enlighten me.
  2. Yes you can.
  3. Thanks, out of interest do you know where it is laid down in writing. My Sgt seems to think I am unable to take blank exercises. Any Ideas?
  4. Pam 21?
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  5. As AP says above Pam 21 is the authority on what you con do but the gist of it is you can plan and run exercise using blank ammunition and pyrotechnics.

    For any interested ATU(Sc) are running a course end of May....
  6. Thanks very much
  7. It worries me slightly that you didn't know to look in Pam 21 for guidance :)

    Clearly a few cobwebs need to be blown off before you plan anything!
  8. REMESpanker, I did the M qual in Feb if you need a nudge or reminder PM me.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Big fail on the "current and competent" bit.

    I would suggest that you should not be allow to plan and conduct anything more demanding than a trip to the NAAFI.
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  10. Only if they're blown off in accordance with the EASP, PAM21 and LUMAT... ;-)
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  11. It sounds like you did it a while ago. It may be worth checking if the qual has timed out.
  12. The qual doesnt run out (ie you dont have to requalify after a certain period) but as its safety related the OP needs to get everything right in his head before he proceeds. If anything goes wrong and the shit hits the fan, unless he's got all I's dotted and T's crossed he will be royally fucked by the system!
  13. Am not required just yeyt to do any lessons and you are correct cobwebs do need to be brushed out. I think thats only common sense. Also I have trained personel around me that are able to advise and will of course be utilising this. Thankyou for all your responses though.
  14. And the EASP writing wording will have changed (same as the RASP) so using the format given when the OP did the course will result in a big fat Freddy when EASP is handed into the training Major. If not then, then ifsomething was to go wrong from a soldier tripping and hitting thier mooey on the foresight to anything bigger will result in the EASP being looked at by higher ups. Which would then result in a lot of poo rolling downhill onto the OP.

    (Also now that Pam 21 does have an official declaration written in it, it must now be used verbatum!)

    In short you are allowed to....
    Plan, write, conduct BE's and BL's.
    Provide safety cover and Exercise Assistant roles.
    Conduct weapon and phyro safety demo's, but NOT conduct WHT's on said phyro unless you are 1. A Skill at Arms Instructor and 2. Currently in date on said item yourself. Qualifiing times for instructor WHT's are 6 months. Over 6 months then you are out of date.
  15. Has anyone completed an SA (M) (07) COURSE (M Qual) course recently, I'm interested in completing the course to enable my unit to carry out blank etc training but dont want to be shown up as a war dodging scaley in front of the infantry types. Especially when it come to conducting battles lessons and exercises.