The Sixty Four Quid Question

Discussion in 'ACF' started by spent_case, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. Who's paying for this then??

  2. "In essence, I'm being asked to pay £64 to prove that I am not a paedophile"

    Therefore I assume the individual has to pay for it themselves, and I therefore conclude that this is a bone thread.

    Or did you mean "are any of you ACF peados paying for this?"
  3. Assumption being the Mother of all Fack Ups..
  4. Granted, but if you actually read the article, or my quote from it, then you'd know that the individual has to pay for it.

    Or are you still asking if ACF instructors have to pay for it?

    Being unclear in what you are asking will lead to someone making an assumption, and therefore possibly end up with a "fark up"
  5. Roger that. Was just wondering if ACF instructors will be asked to pay for this ole bollox. Or will MOD shell out.
  6. It's a heavy blow for any small groups that work with children, sports clubs and so on. The shooting club I'm in hasn't got a hope of being able to fund this so the result will be we just won't bring any youngsters into the sport. Same will happen with any number of other sports I'm sure.

    We did just have a policy that under 16's had to be accompanied by a parent but that won't even be good enough from now on to my understanding.

    School youth groups and ACF will presumably be funded centrally to cover it.
  7. I wouldn't have thought so as the SC clearance gained in the Regs/TA/ACF will be a greater check than the BC one that they are paying £64 for. Therefore it's not required.
  8. The checks will be necessary for anyone who has "regular" (once a month) or intense (three times a month) contact with children or vulnerable adults

    Intense 3 times a month, wtf, then what the hell do they categorizes a CFAV contact as then, on average 6-8 nights a Det is open per month !

  9. I am sure some one has the definative answer but I believe that SC clearence will not be enough. Currently to work with children you aslo have to have a CRB check. One could assume (with a nod to previous posts) then that come October you will need this new check. This will of course provide more revenue and keep some more civil servants in jobs!

  10. Tried but your link is not working!

  11. all NHS staff have to be CRB checked every 3 years even if we haven't changed jobs!!!
  12. None of the security checks are enough to cover the CRB checks.

    I would assume that anyone who is currently CRB cleared will automatically be cleared for and placed on this new database...or am I just be naive in assuming this isn't partly a money making scheme?
  13. It's a New Labour thing. So it's all for the good of Mankind and in no way a hashed up bodge that'll create a tonne paperwork, protect fack all and get on everyones norks.
  14. Have to say as mum to 2 cadets, the more checks the better :(