The six-month tour in Afghanistan by the men of 19 L Brigade

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. Memorial service for Afghanistan
    The six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan by the men of 19 Light Brigade will be remembered later

    It claimed the lives of more than 80 soldiers in one of the hardest fight the British Army encountered in Helmand province, their commanding officer has claimed.

    As more than 500 serving personnel and guests prepared to attend a special memorial and thanksgiving service in Belfast, Brigadier Tim Radford declared: "The fighting was truly ferocious, but the determination and resolve of my soldiers never wavered."

    The names of the 83 soldiers who were killed are due to be read out at St Anne's Church of Ireland Cathedral later.

    Brigadier Radford, who will also lay a wreath, spoke of the courage of his men during the summer offensive, Operation Panther's Claw, when they cleared one of Helmand's most heavily populated areas of Taliban influence.

    He said: "For five tough weeks they fought a resurgent Taliban in the very harshest of conditions and they defeated them at every turn. The result was that one of the most populated areas in Helmand was brought back under Government control, allowing reconstruction and development to begin just hours after the fighting ceased."

    He added: "The interests of the Afghan people were at the very heart of every decision we made. Despite the intense fighting there were very few civilian casualties; a testament to the great measure and judgment shown by every one of my soldiers."
  2. From the link:

    Reconstruction and development is virtually unreported, is there much actually happening?
  3. Cheers. Got any links? I have not been since 2002. Aid was looking pretty bleak back then. Col. Tootals complaints made it look no better.
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    This is what was happening in Lashkar Gah apparently:]MOD article[/url]

    Also worth checking out the Helmand Blog archive. Look at November or October blog, our CO Lt Col Thompson gave a neat summary of what we had achieved in the Sangin area over the summer. Reconstruction and civil affairs that from my grunts-eye view I had no idea had been going on.

  6. This is the link

  7. I trust their sacrifice was not in vain.
    Tom does his duty as always.
  8. Some of the bereaved relatives who were at the 19 Bde service went on to attend today's homecoming march and thanksgiving service in Inverness for The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

    I hear there was a tremendous turnout by the people of Inverness on a dreich day.

    BBC News - Crowds turn out for Black Watch march
  9. Thanks guys. I didn't see much in the way of aid arriving to be honest. Particularly considering the size of the international aid budget. That is not a dig at you people BTW.