The Sin Bin (Closed?)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bad_Crow, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. There are unconfirmed reports coming out of BATUS that the Sin Bin has shut. Can anyone still over there sad enough to be frequenting Medicine Hat be a nice little soldier and clarify this nasty rumour. Where will all the trolls dwell???
  2. I hope not,

    The Bin is an institution in itself.... :wink:

    Also Gas Lamp, Cheaters, Teazers, god i miss Canada.. :cry:
  3. I have one one or two occasion had a quiet drink in that fine establishment. I hope it has not closed.
  4. We need firm reliable int on this. So preferably no green slime opinions which would have us believe there are 250 armed Iranian Militia in the Sin Bin.

    Oh and Dance with the Devil, was The Silver Buckle after your time???
  5. I was there on MED MAN 3&4 back in 1994.. :wink:
    With 38 Bty / 40 Fld Regt RA

    Don't know about the Silver Buckle, we always ended up on a binge at either
    Cheaters, Teazers(Strip Joint) then onto The Sin Bin to arm wrestle some
    FBI's (Fcuking Big Indians) off of the reservations.
    I was also banging a lass from sezscatchuan..(Spelt Wrong.. :oops: )

    Quality times long past..Still got the taste for Vodka Paralizers though.. :wink:
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  6. I recall seeing a charming young lady, one afternoon, doing things on the 'dance' floor with a bottle that I don't think they were relly designed for!!

    And as for The Ming Tree, well, that's another story......and one that a few here will hang their heads in shame over, I'm sure!!!
  7. Is the Ming Tree still on the go? And if so, can you still only buy two 'Zombies'?
  8. Noooooo, not The Bin. Tell me it aint true.
    Where will the troops go "Whale Hunting" now? "Thar she blows."
    Remember a splendid evening in the Ming Tree. Was with a Jock lad from Scots DG Range Safety. To the Chinky bloke at the door taking the money, "Sorry aboot the mess Mate." "Wha mess, what you mean?" "Och Hiroshima." Not so PC back then...
    It's another true story.
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It cant be true. It may have been a sh1thole but it was our sh1thole.
  10. So now I have some time, my tale from Med Hat………………there I am, back in the summer of ’87, on Med Man when one Sunday I get led astray to go out for a quiet drink or two at a rodeo.

    Off we toddles, driver in hand (courtesy of RCT – great how they always volunteered to be Des), to the rodeo to quaff plentiful glasses of warm pi55 whilst taking the same out of all them gentiles in their 25 gallon hats.

    Eventually, we wind up back in Med Hat and after a few wets at the Sin Bin we decide to grace the Ming Tree with our presence. Upon entering said venue I became engrossed in a conversation with an obviously very virtuous young maiden….well, my mouth was engrossed in the conversation; my eyes were affixed to her ample breasts.

    In true fashion, copious amounts of Ming Tree ale was sunk until, whilst strutting my funky stuff on the dance floor (that is not a pretty sight) with my new lady friend I uttered the truly romantic words that only squaddies can bring to the party “You’ve got cracking tits, I’d love to see them some time”, to which she, in true bashful manner, lifted up her tee shirt and thrust them in my face. Whoo Hoo, these had to be seen to be believed, no silicon and solid as rocks, no southerly travel whatsoever – that sight has stayed with me since. “Your place or mine?” says I, quickly followed by, “I haven’t got one so it’s got to be yours”. 30 seconds later we’re in a taxi bound for her house.

    ‘Slam bam thank you mam’ the night away, eventually crawling into the bed, which is pushed into the corner of the room.

    I wake up nice and early as the sun is creeping over the horizon, facing the wall in the corner of the room. Fcuk me, that’s grotty wall-paper, I’m thinking, through alcohol fuzzed eyeballs, eeuurrgh, really weird. Screw eyes up into focus. Fcuk me, that’s not wall-paper at all, that’s writing, not any writing but only numbers, ranks and names. Hey???? I bolt upright in the bed and looking around the room I’m reading, on a well scribed wall, nigh on the nominal roll of the whole fcuking British Army that’s been through BATUS in the past umpteen years. Then I realise, from the battleship grey headboard that the bed has been procured from that good old government department store, Q&M, and the headboard also doesn’t have much space to add my name to it. So we did the dirty deed again and I went off on my way to find a taxi back to Crowfoot.

    I left Med Hat two days later and did not return in those two days but I was sore for friggin' days afterwards!

    So, if any of you have been to that bungalow on the east side of Med Hat and added your NRN to the ‘wall of fame/shame’, now’s the time to come clean……and if YOU are the QM’s lacky (or QM even) who supplied the bed you, sir, can rest assured that the bed has seen more front line action than Helmand!!
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  11. my mate was posted there03-05 and he said then that the bin was no more.
  12. I returned from visiting a ex Army mate in Med Hat 2 weeks ago and can confirm that there are no plans to open the Sin Bin anytime soon.

    To be honest it was on the cards since they banned strippers within the city limits, you gotta go to redcliff these days.

    My wife took me to see the strippers in the Sin Bin for my birthday a few years ago....... ahh the memories.....
  13. the bin,,,rip..great army tradition gone,,,but never forgotten,,,
  14. A sad loss of a great institution