The simple wisdom of Reagan, or the vanity of Bush & Blair?

Have you ever noticed how things that are intrinsically great, by virtue of their traditions, ethos and history, are gradually being stripped down to their bare bones and diluted? Like the Royal Green Jackets perhaps, and various other distinguished regiments. The list goes on forever and is not confined to the army – what’s happening to our once great universities and beloved NHS? Why is the heart and character being forcibly ripped away from so much of what made this country great?

I think that the precious freedoms we enjoy in this great country are priceless, but perhaps we all take them for granted a little at times. I think it’s great that I can come on this site and we can rip each other to shreds, in true squaddie tradition, and not have to worry about government snoops or sensors knocking on our doors – yet. One day, for ‘security reasons’ we will be told, the harmless banter and piss taking will have to stop. Big Brother is watching you. Always.

A quick word about Libertarianism: look on the UKIP website and you will see it is a philosophy that they have embraced wholeheartedly.
How do you like the sound of this:

A 10% flat tax for everyone regardless of earnings.
An end to tax exemptions for the rich – it’s 10% for all simple as.
An immediate end to all politically correct ‘bullshit diversity jobs’ such as the CRE.
An efficient and well-run justice system and NHS – no PC agendas tolerated
A well funded and highly respected Army and Police force.

Consider that well over 50% of the tax you pay does not go to the NHS, Army, or other essential services – but to the kind of PC drivel that pollutes the Guardian jobs page on a Thursday afternoon.

A final word on the simple wisdom of Ronald Reagan, who would NEVER have led us into the pit of quicksand and treacle that is the Middle East like a bull in a china shop:

During the 1980s American students were taken hostage in Grenada. Reagan asked for his top Generals to come up with a rescue plan, taking into account worst-case scenarios.

Reagan: How many helicopters do you need General, in your professional opinion?

General: If things go bad Sir, I reckon 16 will be enough to get everyone out.

Reagan: Double it – take 32, and that’s an order.

General: But why Sir, I’ve given you my honest assessment?

Reagan: Because if the President had told you to double it 5yrs ago, when we failed to rescue the Tehran hostages, you’d be talking to Jimmy Carter now and not me – so double it and let’s play safe.

What would Tony Blair have said?
Let’s see if we can half it and put a positive spin on it.

What would Bush have said?
Let’s see if we can subcontract it to Halliburton.

Celer et Audax
A thinking Rifleman – always!

Steven McLaughlin.
Author of Squaddie – a soldier’s story.


War Hero
If I was interested in your longwinded horseshjt I would buy your book. Take your politics and fcuk off.


I think a flat tax-rate is potentially a great idea that would be fair for all.

However, I am certain that adopting that would destroy a considerable sector of the financial services industry, so the govt and vested interests would not let it happen. I think the reason tax is structured the way it is in the UK is deliberately complicated for a reason. That reason is that those who can interpret them (or pay for that service) can use the rules inventively to pay less.

Many things in life are complicated. I am certain the govt like it the way it is and will keep it so.


Except it isn't and thats why it has had such a low take up.

However, what is needed is a simplification of the tax rules and regulations.

The government need to ensure that everything they do is understandable by people with GCSE English and Maths. There is no reason to make it more complicated.

And they need to ensure that for every law they introduce, they strike one off the statute books.



War Hero
Squaddie-Author said:
Let’s see if we can half it and put a positive spin on it.

You should have used the word "halve" not half. You must be a product of Blairs Education system.

halve verb (halved, halving) 1 to divide into two equal parts or halves. 2 to share equally. 3 tr & intr said of costs, problems, etc: to reduce by half. 4 golf to draw a hole or match with one's opponent.
ETYMOLOGY: Anglo-Saxon halfen.
Flat rate tax Again, been a while since this one surfaced.
I'd luv it. The rich actually paying Tax, unheard if in UK.
However, I do see the UKIP as the start of a slippery slope.
Hate to say it, but I'd stick with the old system, Bad as it is.
Great analogy- apart from the fact that the American "hostages" in Grenada weren't hostages. It was all a fabrication to make Reagan look strong after getting 200 marines blown to pieces in Beirut.

As for UKIP...well, maybe the analogy does hold at another level you hadn't considered.
Re. Grenada, wasn't there some question of the US intervention usurping British prerogatives? IRRC Grenada may even have been a Crown Colony back in 1983 and Maggie had show the year before she wasn't one to be pushed around.

Point being, I don't think Reagan and the US come out 100% shiny from that one and colud even be considered arrogant, if not vain in going ahead without the UK. That said, they did include token contingents from other Carribbean islands. Further, didn't a group of Cuban constuction wokers hold up the Rangers' attack on the airfield for a surprising amount of time?
Flat tax rate sounds good. My family is in the tax bracket where we're not poor enough to get help (not that i'd live off the state, even if you paid me ha ha) but just rich enough so that we get hammered by tax. My father loses over 40% of his salary in taxes... If more of it went to help the Armed Forces I wouldn't mind as much
FlakeShag said:
"An end to tax exemptions for the rich – it’s 10% for all simple as." - I thought we got wrid of communisum?
Fvck the rich with extra taxes to feed the none-working, drug takeing chav'ie poor?

Or perhaps put some money into schools so your kids won't have to rely on you to teach them how to spell.
Squaddie-Author said:
Have you ever noticed how things that are intrinsically great, by virtue of their traditions, ethos and history, are gradually being stripped down to their bare bones and diluted?

Yes. Thanks Squaddie-Author. You've got me all dewy-eyed and nostalgic about the good old days when men were men, the unions were strong, and a pay rise was actually a pay rise. I do yearn for those days again.

The power's been shifted into the hands of corrupted puppet politicians, controlled by the meeja these days. I suppose one day, we'll restore the balance and approach something adjacent to true people power - but it seems a long way off. Aye, lad. I can remember bonding with the universe and marvelling at how many stars there were in the sky when all the lights were out during the 3 day week. Happy days.

SA - can you tell us what Margaret Thatcher would have done about Grenada?? That's quite interesting!

As for that UKIP, they're just a bunch of intolerant fascist tw@ts.

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