The simple Christmas wish of Major injured in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. The simple Christmas wish of Major injured in Afghanistan
    Major Bernard Broad has a Christmas wish most people would take for granted as December 25 could be the day he learns whether he can be fully mobile again.

    Published: 2:46AM GMT 23 Dec 2009
    The 43-year-old was due to undergo exploratory surgery on Wednesday after cheating death three weeks ago in a bomb blast as he travelled in an armoured vehicle delivering equipment near Forward Operating Base Shawqat, in Nad-e-Ali.
    The father of two, an infantryman since his teenage years, said his greatest fear was losing the ability to walk.

    Flanked at his bedside by his wife Jan and daughter Amy, 16, he said during physiotherapy treatment at Selly Oak Hospital: ''My biggest fear is my feet. Being an 'infanteer', I've spent half my career on my feet.
    ''I do have concerns. The hospital's been very good explaining things to me but again, being a comprehensive school boy, the actual understanding of what they are saying compared to the simplicity of 'will I still walk' is still a bit grey.'
  2. I usually don't mind your posts but posts like these will just attract the grief whores. What do you expect to gain from this post?
  3. the bulk of skynets posts are links from news stories...i find it very tedious
  4. I thought 'Skynet' was less a person, and more some sort of macro/automated thingy that just pulled news stories and posted them here...
  5. Well I thought it was a very positive story on how well soldiers are now looked after compared with hitherto. Also those left in hospital are being well looked after. Depends how you read it. If that's grief happiness must be real misery!
    Happy Christmas I'm off for a drink!
  6. But many others find them very interesting with 716300 views on Afghan fighting - the latest reports thread you work out at .0000139% who finds them tedious!
  7. Well most of my effort does go into the Afghan Thread but I reserve my comments for the stuff I really know about. And of course postings on ARRSE does help to keep it going!
  8. Well bugger me, I genuinely thought you were a computer programme or summat automated to post on here. My bad! 8O

    As for 'keeping it going', fair one.
  9. Then don't read them then.

    Skynet provides a valuable service in providing a regular source of Afghan updates, actually adding some value to the usual incontinent drivel on arrse.