The sigs lads who walked the Yorkshire Three Peaks on the 25th?

Does anyone know the seven lads from sigs who were walking the Yorkshire three peaks for H4H on the 25th this month?

I was also doing it, for my sons school, and caught up with these lads on Whernside. I was quite pleased as it proved to me i wasnt quite as unfit as i thought, and in fact managed to beat a couple of them up the 'wall' at Ingleborough!. I'd chatted with a couple of them as we went around and they seemed a good set of lads. They were doing it in full kit and it certainly showed on them! they looked well fooked at times!

Anyway, well done to these lads for their effort last saturday. I'll drop some numerically marked portraits of the queen in the H4H box on their behalf!
They had a promotion parade today, i think they were given a 'prize' and a clap for raising some cash for charity, havnt got a clue who they are though.
hi i was the one who orginised that charity event, i think i remember talking to you actually, yeh we did find it hard work lol but we did finish in under the 12 hours which we were well happy with.

not going to lie to you i felt fooked lol but was worth every min to raise money for our boys, dont think i will be carrying 50lbs + on those peaks any time soon

cheers for your support on the day tho

Sam Wall
Nice one. I was knackered and i only had a light pack with me scran and some spare socks in! I came in at 11h 5min, including a sprint finish (wasnt intended, but i started jogging the last few hundred meters and some bird at side of me did same, ended up racing her to the cafe), i can take about 40mins off the time effectiovely to account for the time i spent operating the radios from the summits

was a bloody good day, although i think i drank considerably less tea than your mob, and im not sure why you lot had such an in depth interest in the sheep at the barn cafe? :)
yeh the brew breaks are our fuel lol, and as for the sheep we were watching them closely because we had a welsh man with us hahaha
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