The Sick Reality of TV...

OMG!! I just heard on the telly that a Brit Company is going to make a 2 hour telefilm about Chuck and Camilla - The early Years...

and is looking for some jug-eared no-name actor to play HRH and is trolling the kennels for a Camilla look - sending out a casting call for ' appropriate female performers '...

what could there possibly be left to tell?....
Not only do the news media fill every ones minds with utter drivel and spin, but now the broadcasting people have jumped on the band wagon, to fill our lives with utter crap, Who the hell really cares about camilla, i know i dont.

Celebrity death match will no doubt have her in a fight with Diana.

Least di was semi good looking, with a dirty glint in her eye that said 'i might look all prim and proper, but you know i am a wild hell cat in the bedroom!!'.

Even then they played that to death.

TV people, get the hint your flogging a dead horse, ask your selves, what kind of programme would i be intrested in watching, rather than listening to the gimp, who says 'ok lets see how many people we can bore stupid!!
words fail me
Rocketeer said:
what could there possibly be left to tell?....
The Blair story?
Typical bottom crawling scavenger stuff.
Why don't the media ferk off & find something positive to do for a change?
Oh, sorry it's because they are a bunch of scabby parasites of course :roll:
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