The Shrub is assassinated!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DozyBint, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. Full article here.
  2. Oh, and the rightous fury of the yanks in the comments. Brilliant!
  3. There have been many cases of life following art. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one. :D :D :D

  4. the assassins didn't try for a brain shot...
  5. The yanks fail to understand the difference between a "fictional" killing of the shaved chimp, and real threats made to the film makers. I fully support free speech and see nothing wrong with this programme.

    When are we going to put the US back in their proper place as merely a colony of the British Empire, to do as we say, act as we do/say and be fecking proud of it??!!!
  6. They're assassins, not gifted marksmen :D
  7. And the film makers are hiring bodyguards? Irony off the scale methinks.
  8. What good would that have done, Hans? Remember, as a kid, Georgie-boy was told that if he tripped, he should try to land on his head, so he wouldn''t cause any damage to himself. And looking at the various tumbles he's taken as president, it seems he's sticking to the advice.

  9. I wasn't there, you can't prove anything....

    I loved the way the US agents in the protesters are dressed alike - great disguises lads! :D
  10. aim at his arrse.
  11. For one fateful moment I read Dozy's post and thought I'd missed the News for too long.

    Life is full of ups and downs I suppose.
  12. I did consider posting it in Current Affairs, but I didn't think PTP would be too amused! :D
  13. Well well well no doubt these haters would have us believe only the mad muzzies in the MidEast do this sort of stuff.

    Wheres all the freedom of speech advocates now?
  14. i cant see why its annoyed them so much -

    we didnt get all righteous on hollywood when they came out with

    1. saving private ryan - tom hanks wins ww2 on his own
    2. pearl harbour - ben affleck wins ww2 on his own
    3. that bag of sh@t that has the yanks getting their paws on the enigma
    machine (can't even be bothered to find out the name of the film, u something or other) not as good as das boot anyway.

    they are only films, not real. honestly its like talking to my 3 year old.
  15. And what if it was Her Maj getting slotted at close range like that in an American film Crabby? Would you support them too?