The Shooting Gallery

Just bought this book by Gaz Hunter....Bloody good read, but am I right in thinking he didnt actually do most of the stuff in the book i.e. fight in Afghanistan, or am I mistaken and thinking of another walt who has written a similar themed book....
Got it a while back.I'm currently reading 'Sabre Squadron' by Cameron Spence.Not bad in it'self.Better than Brave to Zero anyway.
"Jihad" is apparently top of the walt charts - a tale of deniable special ops by a chap claiming to be ex-SAS. I think most derring-do tales of Brit military involvement in Cold War Afghanistan have been discredited, although I believe there was quite a bit of genuine spook activity.
ok, Many thanks.....

And if Gaz Hunter is an ARRSE user, apologies mate.....a cracking read....

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