Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kjhblue, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. I can't imagine what happened I tried to offer you a fantastic opportunity and for some reason it has vanished?? So I will try again. Here we go this time without a high visibility jacket or hard hat.

    I have written a book 100% of the people who have seen this book have gone ahead and bought it. As a special offer to everybody who has ever had anything to do with the services I am offering this book to you absolutely free, in fact for nothing. This terrific book will bring back memories which have been hidden for years. Please click on


    Any observations, suggestions or recommendations in regard to THE SHOES DID IT FOR ME will be gratefully accepted.

    Did I mention this has been written for a good cause??

    Keep Smiling

  2. Wow! an advert on Arrse. I thought you were offering special shoes that carried out random tasks like "Did you walk the dog?"
    "No the shoes did it for me!"
  3. My socks did it for me
  4. It wasn't me Officer, it was them shoes.
  5. Is that not allowed? Even when it is for a good cause, Though you may not have reached that bit.

    I must confess I don't really understand what is and what isn't allowed on Forums. I often see blatant 'rip offs' given any amount of space and something that is for the good and benefit of people is rarely allowed a platform.

    Last year when RFEA launched the new 'Service of Care' for ex service personnel I was hoping it would be announced on National TV I contacted the producer who having read the press release said "Good News Like This Is No News!

    Have a great day
    Keep Smiling
  6. Thought about having a word with the COs rather than just hoping it won't get binned?
  7. I'm sure you'll forgive me for not clicking on your link, but as I'm at work I don't trust random adverts that someone posts without permission. I'm fairly sure I'm not the only one. The fact that I have no clue what it is that you're advertising doesn't encourage me either.
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    This paid advertising will never catch on will it? Not when you can have threads spammed all over the place willy - nilly after not clearing it with the site owners first.
  9. The shoes did it for you?

    It's normally sixth formers in a downpour, blouses soaked through to invisability showing off young breasts supressed beneth red bras whilst their skirts rid up and show a flash of stocking top and thigh that do it for me...
  10. Look at the high vis ad! :D
  11. the bitch did it for me not sure about the shoes tho
  12. I'm still waiting for the 'barely legal phonesex scutter' ad...

    I maybe here a while...
  13. Thank you for that observation. I will bear this in mind and think of a way that it does not appear to commercial. I have written the book with a view to trying to raise a few pounds for BLESMA if you click on the coupon the site you are taken to is a link for the BLESMA justgiving site.

    Incidentally I am off today but I work for the Regular Forces Employment Association if you are in UK do you have any jobs available that our ex service candidates could apply for?

    Again thanks for the observation
    Have a nice day at work

    Keep Smiling
  14. Hard work, luck, a bit of creeping and knowing who to shag did it for me!
  15. WOW! if this is not the site to offer a free book that helps ex service personnel then tell me which site to post on. I have already said I am not sure how Forums work. I do know one thing though if I was spamming like hell and trying a con I would probably get all the space I wanted.

    Perhaps I should think again on how to raise funds for ex service charities though I have to say my marathon running days are over.

    Keep smiling
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