The shock of Aussie capture

Discussion in 'Australia' started by E-Layer, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I have a couple of friends who went working there 'for a bit' and now are of the same opinion of yourself... absolutely love it, no plans whatever to come back. they've both married local girls and put down roots.

    makes me wonder what I'm doing still living here...
  2. Tell them to give Scotland a chance mate - they will love it in the end :D
  3. Fella,

    Just clicked on to the Pseudonym. Nice one!! RSG knowledge kinda flowing back.

    As a prospective fringe lunatic I would like to see this post run on a bit to get peoples thoughts. Forewarned, blah blah!

    Lots of stuff that scare me and the wife. But, we are postive that its best for us and the nippers. Just need to trade in those rose tinted lenses and look at the reality.

  4. Leaving Perth to go back to the UK? The last time I read about a woman who hated Perth it was because she couldn't find anywhere to buy the kind of knickers she liked and the traffic lights took too long to change. Well, I suppose you've got to put first things first.

    Since I first came to Australia on a troop ship (an RFA LSL anyway) I've been a pom now for many a year. The only thing which I still can't get my head around is doing the Christmas shopping in shorts and flip flops, with the costumed Santa Clauses all carefully located near air conditioning vents.

    My kids were bought up in a mining town on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert. They had no problems in believing in Father Christmas: it was chimneys they couldn't understand -- they'd never seen one.

    Going back to the UK though? Some of the villages are lovely, as long as you don't have a motorway within earshot. But personally, I like living in a city that's two hours drive away from the forests, the empty beaches and the wineries of the South West.
  5. I think it's a pretty normal reaction. My wife had some real difficulty settling in here and to be honest, still doesn't know if it's for us. Me - I love it, work's a doddle and I like the life, but I think it is a real challenge for wives and families. I think the obvious thing to say is that it is not a holiday, you move down here for a change, but still have to work etc.

    If I had any advice for anyone coming down, it would be to get the other half to conduct a recce first. I had been to oz before and loved it, but the Mrs hadn't. Shock of capture is exactly the right phrase to use. Things are different here, and not always for the good; it takes some time to adjust. For me, I'd stay here without a doubt; however, I'm keeping an open mind for the three year point and not ruling out going back to the mother country depending on how my wife's view of life in Oz develops over the coming years.
  6. I've been here 2 years at the end of this month, and love it. My two youngest are developing bizarre Aussie/mackem accents, I've become a fan of NRL, and don't miss soccer at all. We play soccer every week at work though, as most of my oppo's love it.

    I can even eat Vegemite when I've run out of proper Marmite, so I consider myself fully neutralised.........


    .....there's one or two things bothering me.

    Please feel free to answer any of the below:

    1. Why is the port so gopping here? I haven't been able to find a nice drop anywhere!
    2 Is there any legislation limiting noise emissions from vehicle exhausts? In Adelaide, its de Rigeur to tool around sounding like a whale being raped by the space shuttle.
    3. And while I'm on the subject of cars, Utes, why? And surely not everyone that has a Toyota Landcrusher lives at the end of 10 km of broken track?

    Oh yeah, and just so its been said, a V8 attached to an automatic gearbox sounds shit.

    That said, wild horses could not drag me back to the UK. Far too overcrowded.
  7. Mr Biscuits,

    This grey-headed old monkey has been here longer than he was in UK!
    NRL in Adelaide? They like League less than they like Victorians!

    1. Wynn's Samuel for a lighter port, McWilliams Hanwood 12yo is quite drinkable. Spend a few days around Rutherglen in Vic.
    2. Yes there is but it doesn't stop hoons and bogans. Exhaust pipes that could accommodate an entire family of boat people are common.
    When I first came here, the local walloper would check the ride height. If the Standard Copper's Boot wouldn't go under the sill, the car was canaried (yellow unroadworthy sticker)
    3. Utes are useful if you don't need to carry more than 1 passenger. Rubbish to the tip, picking up the odd bag of cement, etc. Most landcruisers never go off bitumen, mine does but it's the finest tow car known to mankind.

    V8's in front of an auto sound just fine, you probably never heard the sound of a 307 on a 2-speed Powerglide :D :D :D

    Welcome and enjoy the life.
  8. My wife and I visited Queensland in 1992, for a mates wedding, a great little Cotton town on the darling downs called Dalby,about 3 hours west of Brisbane, great people, great beer, lovely weather, the mrs and I had a chat about moving to Aus only problem was our age I was 49 the mrs 45, there was plenty of work in the dalby area, not neccesarily in my trade, but we were prepared to try anything, the clincher was a beautiful 4 bedroom bungalow on half an acre of land was being auctioned, we bid for it and got it and maxed out our credit card for 27500$ australian at that time a little over 9000pounds,a local land agent and solicitor arranged everything for us ,he even rented the house outfor us while we went back to Uk , late november 1995 A brisbane wildlife sanctuary got in touch and offered me a 3 year contract as a curator, I jumped at the chance, the wife joined me in march 1996 ,after 12 months got residency , 12 months later we were offered citizenship,2001 we sold our dalby home and moved to Bribie Island,lots of sun,seafood , more ex squaddies than you can shake a stick at, get to read the latest sapper magazine everymonth, if we get fedup then we pop over to our holiday home in thailand, or swap with someone in europe, ever thought of leaving and returning to UK, no contest!!who needs warrington or New brighton, dont really fancy having to learn Uru or Hidustani at my time of life 8)
  9. Suggestion -- buy yourself a 5 Ltr Oak Port Barrel, make sure it is a fairdinkum oak barrel and not lined with plastic, fill it with a reasonable quality port from a cardboard cask, a good one is the DeBortelli 4 Ltr Cask and leave it for say over 3 months and then decanter it and start the process over again.

  10. Thing is - Did you and or your brother find work okay and all the usual crap. I think I may one day have my arm twisted on the move to the deep south issue.

    The UK is a sinking ship and I have no shame about wanting to get off.
  11. Thanks, I am!
  12. That said, not all shocks are bad.

    Sometime after I got my third up in the British Army, I asked about commisioning.

    "No way, you're institutionalised!"

    "No way, you're too old!"

    "Get your WO1 before you're 40 then ask again!"

    Discouraging, no? However, 18 months into the Aussie Army, I've already done the first round of interviews for RMC. When I asked my boss if my age (41) would go against me in the selection process, he told me about a 44 year old who had just been accepted at ADFA!

    After years of limited career choices, I've found the Aussie love of a fair go incredibly liberating and refreshing.

    And, we're apparently the only place on Earth that hasn't joined in with this recession thing, which is yet another bonus. Thanks for the free money Kevin!