The Shiny Auction, can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by woodentop51, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. [align=center]MODS: I asked permission from the Good CO prior to posting this message


    My name is Adam Brady, I am a serving CSgt in the Coldstream Guards and I run ShinyCapstar, a low level community for the Coldstream Guards. We have an active forum (no way near as 'big and active' as arsse) located at:

    The reason for this message is that I will be running an online auction on the ShinyCapstar forum (info located at to help
    raise money for our newly formed charity Coldstream Kids
    ( www.ColdstreamKids.Co.Uk ). The charity will no doubt be put to good use as the Coldstream Guards are currently serving in Afghanistan.

    I have approached all members of the forum asking if anyone can provide items that can be auctioned, and have had a significant response (from football tickets for the Chelsea Newcastle Game (29th Dec), hand made pens worth £200+, to a decorators pack worth £275+). After being an avid follower of arsse (in the background and avoiding posting) I decided to join and ask if I could be so bold to ask if anyone here could help with items for the auction.


    The auction starts on Saturday 1st, and will run for 1 week. Any
    items that are donated from businesses etc will be sent direct to the winning bidder on closing of the lot.

    If anyone can help they are most welcome to contact me via this board or e-mail at ( ).

    I hope that you can help, and hope that you can all forgive my desperate and direct approach for help. Even if you have no items to donate, you are welcome to visit the auction and bid for something that might take your fancy.

    Many thanks



  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  3. sent you an email.

  4. Good call mate, posted a request (the kids would love it!). Many thanks ;-)
  5. Received and replied back to you Andie, many thanks ;-)
  6. when are the Chelsea tickets going up on auction?
  7. Good show! Make sure you email Good CO.
  8. WT check pm's
  9. FAO: drain_sniffer

    PM received and bid added for the tickets matey.
  10. WT, check PM's.
  11. Checked and bid placed mate.

    FAO drain_sniffer, you have been outbid my friend.

  12. Wonders who done that. :wink:
  13. FAO the_man_in_the_corner:

    YOU have been outbid my friend!
  14. for that price WT they can have em :D