The shame of it........

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Colonal_Mustard, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Posted this here as im guessing he's a bootneck........ I bet they would!!!!!

    Transsexual 'humiliated' in Poole stadium toilet row (From Bournemouth Echo)[/

    Transsexual 'humiliated' in Poole stadium toilet row
    2:00pm Thursday 23rd June 2011

    A TRANSSEXUAL speedway fan said she broke down in floods of tears after being told she was not allowed to use the ladies’ toilets at Poole stadium.

    Victoria Saxe-Coburg said she was told by security in front of other spectators there had been a complaint about her from another spectator.

    The 55-year-old from Bournemouth, who had a gender reassignment operation more than 20 years ago, said she was told to use the disabled toilet.

    Stadium manager Shaun Spencer-Perkins declined to comment on the incident.

    Ms Saxe-Coburg was watching Poole Pirates’ speedway victory over Wolverhampton Wolves on the evening of June 8.

    She is a speedway fan of more than 40 years standing and has been watching Poole since moving to Dorset four years ago.

    “It was said within earshot of everybody,” said Victoria, of Springbourne.

    “They asked me to use the disabled toilets and I turned round and quite catgeorically said ‘no’.

    “I’ve never had any complaints before whatsoever.

    “I have been a model fan. There’s been no problems.

    “I felt humiliated. There were quite a few people nearby. I always stand in exactly the same place. I felt so humiliated and angry that I felt as if I had to go to the opposite side of the stadium.

    “I was in floods of tears. I saw the stadium manager afterwards, who said things were not handled well.”

    Ms Saxe-Coburg got a letter from her GP confirming the operation and met stadium staff again on Wednesday night during the Pirates 54-40 victory over Eastbourne.

    She said she “did not get very far” with her complaint and staff were “not happy” with her using the ladies’ toilet.

    She did not use the toilets during the match. “I very much doubt I will go again,” she said.

    A Poole Pirates spokesman said the club only leases the stadium. They said the incident involved a member of the stadium staff, not an employee of the club
  2. Saxe-Coburg? Made-up name?
  3. Exactly!!!! All the hallmarks of a bootneck trying to blag access to a disabled toilet rather than wait with everyone else
  4. Did you read your own post?

    “They asked me to use the disabled toilets and I turned round and quite catgeorically said ‘no’.
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  5. Pissed and careless, but point taken
  6. The lack of a working link might prevent fellow arrsers from concluding that the stadium staff might have thought that Ms Saxe Coburg was actually someone trying to blag their way into the ladies for nefarious purposes, since...welll... er.... not wishing to be ungallant, but.... ah, see for yourself why they might've thought she was having them on.

    It'd be rude not to suggest that those of a nervous disposition might wish to scroll on down hurriedly past the photo/put a paper bag over their heads now.


    Again, not wishing to be ungallant, but I can't help thinking that she's missing a knitted monkey and a box of PG Tips.
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  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Jesus mary and joseph what the fucking hell is that? Who every let her go through GRS needs a serious fucking talking to. And as for those split ends ffs!
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  8. KEERIST on a crutch! :omg: That guy/gal looks like Ray Nitksche (American footballer) with a bad wig, broken nose and all. Collar size is 19 in I daresay. He could very well be a fomer bootie. At least I don't think he would whine if the bad men took his iPod away from him. :p
  9. Dear God! My eyes!

    Own up then, who'd brag about landing that monster? I hope 'she' sues.
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  10. Not good for your health I would say geeeez reminds me of a nice young lady in Brest hehehehehe they all look lovvely on a run ashore dont they or was that just me hehehehehe

    The pic isnt good for your health even if you are trans whatsit
  11. So that's what Jonny Vegas did after Benidorm....................
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  12. I was reading the pasted text above and thinking "well, if someone worked out that you were a transexual, then you couldn't have been that convincing..."

    And then I saw the photo. Yeah, Vegas was my first thought too!
  13. I'd nail that and so would most of you - be honest.
  14. Please don't copy the photo when you quote...seeing it once was bad enough...
  15. Agreed. Do what I did.

    Print it out and keep it in your wallet.
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